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If you want to get more out of your ride, our range of bike electronics will have your ride decked out with the latest technology. We can help you improve your fitness and performance with heart rate monitors and speed sensors, while tracking your trip by time and distance with our on board computers. Capture all the action of your adventure ride with a CamShot camera. Pair with our high visibility clothing or jerseys and our range of technology and on board computers will allow you to achieve your goals and broaden your riding horizons - browse our full collection today!

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  1. Shimano Steps e6000 Charging Adapter BTE60

    Shimano Steps e6000 Charging Adapter BTE60

    This adapter allows the battery to be connected to the charger without being connected to the bike. For instance, this allows you to remove the battery for charging indoors and leave a wet or muddy bike in the garage, or to charge a secondary battery while off riding. Learn More
    Reid Price $44.99

  2. Quadlock Bike Kit Universal-1Quadlock Bike Kit Universal

    Quadlock Bike Kit Universal

    Light, strong and secure holder for all smartphones Learn More
    Reid Price $49.49

  3. Bryton Rider 15ELow Stock

    Bryton Rider 15E

    Power On and Go with button behaviour consistent with traditional bike computers.

    Ease and convenience of tracking workouts and sharing via Bryton Active App, like that of other training apps.

    Rider 15 is The Best of Both Worlds.

    Learn More
    Reid Price $89.99

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