As iconic in Melbourne as our coffee, Around the Bay is Victoria's favourite road ride. There's a distance to challenge every skill level of rider from beginner to the most advanced - with the reward of stunning coastal views, iconic Melbourne routes like Beach Rd and bragging rights that you got yourself around the bay in a day.

Here at Reid Cycles, we love a good challenge and we love inspiring people to do something they never thought they could. From hundreds of applicants we chose three inspiring riders to lead Team Reid on the Around the Bay Challenge 2016. Our Team Leaders got a brand new bike, a Reid kit and a fully supported training program to get them ready for the ride. Stay up to date with their progress, learn how to train for a cycling event and get inspired to complete the challenge yourself!


Originally from New Zealand, makeup artist Shayna moved to Melbourne with her fiance. She's hoping that changing up her workout routine will help her get in shape for her wedding next year.

  • Minutes Riding: 477
  • KMS Ridden: 158
  • Calories Burnt: 4633


Shayna is riding the WSD Osprey Road Bike

Reid WSD Women's Osprey Road Bike



Nick studies and works in PR. He attempted the 160km last year but didn't make it past the start. He's determined to stick to his training and complete the challenge this year.

  • Minutes Riding: 1764
  • KMS Ridden: 524
  • Calories Burnt: 21,869


Nick is riding the Vantage Endurance 2.0

Reid Vantage Endurance 2.0 Disc Road Bike

18/9 - First cycle with cleats - a lot easier than I thought they would be!

17/9 - Ride home from morning meeting in Carlton

14/9 - Spin class!

11/9 - Around town and up to the NGV to check out 'Across the Ocean' before it closed

10/9 - Cycle down to Chelsea and back to visit my friend Ellen


Father of three Paul, completed the 210km last year and is ready to challenge himself on the big 250km - with a new bike as his motivation to train. He hopes to inspire others to get on their bike.

  • Minutes Riding: 4051
  • KMS Ridden: 1665
  • Calories Burnt: 50,408


Paul is riding the Vantage Comp 1.0

Reid Vantage Comp 1.0 Road Bike

18/9 - To Safety beach and return, some hills to make up for not doing 120kms

17/9 - To Port Melb and home round trip

15/9 - Gym workout

14/9 - And back to work only 12 hours later, but easier than when rested - go figure, heavy rain too

13/9 - Commute from work

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