Every Reid bike is certified for safety by SAI Global

Our bikes meet or exceed all of the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards and Consumer Product Safety Standards

At Reid Cycles, quality, safety and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. This means we can proudly display the SAI Global Product Certification logo on every one of our bikes. You can buy a Reid Cycle with confidence.

Australian Standards for Safety

The Australian Standards establish levels of quality, safety and performance for a range of products. Unfortunately, not every bicycle retailer in Australia bothers to comply with the Standards. There are many bikes being sold - especially online - that have not been tested and do not meet these mandatory standards. These products are potentially unsafe, as well as being illegal to sell under Australian Consumer Law. By flying under the radar and selling cheaply on eBay and other online sales sites, these retailers get away with selling an inferior product. Remember, the Standards are there for your protection, so don’t put up with it.

It’s simple. If a product doesn’t comply with the relevant Standards, don’t buy it.

SAI Global has accredited every Reid Cycle as meeting or exceeding the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards. This means that you don't need to take our word for it: a third party (SAI Global) has inspected our manufacturing facilities and our products, allowing us to use the 5-tick Certified Product logo.

More information on the relevant Australian Standards:

AS 2063:1996 - The mandatory standard for bicycle helmets

Bicycle helmets are held to the mandatory Consumer Product Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets, which uses the Australian Standard 2063:1996, with some minor variations. Every helmet sold in Australia, with the exception of some tiny children’s helmets, toy helmets and helmets only to be used for racing, must comply with this Product Safety Standard. For this reason, helmets bought overseas, even if they appear to be the same as local stock, may not comply with the Standard. Look for a sticker inside the helmet that certifies the helmet as complying with AS/NZS 2063:2008 from SAI Global, Benchmark or another certification body.

At Reid, we pride ourselves on the fact that we test every model of bicycle and helmet that we sell. We do this to ensure that we only sell products that are tested and safe, for your peace of mind. If you’re buying a helmet, make sure that it’s certified as complying Australian Standard 2063:1996. There will be a sticker inside showing that. No sticker, no sale.

AS 1927:1998 - The mandatory standard for bicycles

Bicycles must also comply with a mandatory standard, in this case the Consumer Product Safety Standard for Pedal Bicycles, which in turn calls up the Australian Standard 1927:1998 with some very minor variations. This Standard provides the performance requirements bicycles and bicycle components that users depend on for their safety.

If you’re buying a bike, make sure it fully complies with Australian Standard 1927:1998, and ask the retailer to prove it. If they can’t, don’t buy it.

If you would like more information on our certification or the quality of our bicycles, please contact us.

If you want more information about the mandatory safety standards for bicycles, helmets and other products sold in Australia, head to the ACCC's site, Product Safety Australia.

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