All-Road / Cyclocross Bikes

All-Road / Cyclocross Bikes

Gravel-grinders, Cyclocross, All-Road Adventure, Dirt-Road-Racers… no one term adequately wraps all these awesome bikes up neatly so let’s just agree to call them All-Road bikes. These do-it-all rigs are designed for fast, mixed terrain road riding. They’re the fastest growing style of bike right now. They’re built for long rides that can lead anywhere – whether it’s a rough commute in the wet or a weekend off-road exploration. Learn more

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View the Reid Granite Bike Review
Granite Bike Review – Bikeradar 4/5

Performs well above its price point, and it's great-looking too. Read on.

Granite Bike Review – Bike Exchange
Granite Bike Review 82% – Ride On

There isn’t a detail that’s an afterthought; everything has a place and purpose. Read on.


SSCX Review - BCN
SSCX Review – SSGC

The SSCX filled the niche between road bike and mountain bike. See the full Single Speed Gold Coast review here.

SSCX Review – Bicycle Network
SSCX Review – BNA

Give it an urban jungle and this bike is in its element. Read the review here.


Granite Review – Bike Mag
Granite Review – Bike Mag

Stable on tough terrain, but nimble enough for the road - enter the Granite. See the full review over at Bike Mag.

Cyclocross Bike Buying Guide
Cyclocross Bike Buying Guide

Want to learn more about the exciting world of Cyclocross? Get to know the basics with our buying guide.


A cool mix between the mountain bike and road bike, Cyclocross bikes are designed to be fast and tough. They’re made with stronger frames, wider tyres, and cantilever brakes to tough it out in rugged terrain, whether it’s mud, grass, sand, cobblestones, or what have you.


Your journey will be smoother with our Cyclocross and gravel grinder bikes. You’ll be able to clear obstacles easily with their high bottom brackets, pedals and cranks.


From single-speed Cyclocross bikes without derailleurs or shifters to gravel grinder bikes that are built with a lower centre of gravity for more comfortable, longer rides, we have you covered.


Our Cyclocross and gravel grinder bikes will make your journey smoother, whether you’re on a regular commute, tracing a weekend off-road trail, or entering a Cyclocross race. We cater to it all with a wide range of bikes. Have a browse online or in store today!