Hybrid & Commuter Bikes

If you live in the city, but love to explore, a hybrid bike is the perfect option for your daily commute to work, as well as weekend adventures. The urban commuter bike is designed with strong control, speed and comfort so you can fly through the city with ease.

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Go for a hybrid/commuter if you want the benefits of both mountain bikes and road bikes in one package. The hybrid bike offers a more upright, stable and comfortable riding position meaning there’s less stress on your back and improved vision in traffic conditions.


Most commuter bikes come with either double or triple chaining which is ideal for rapidly changing gears, making it easy to quickly drop a gear in order to climb a hill. However, if you’re looking for a hassle free, single speed bike for everyday travel, the fixie bike will be the one for you.


Reid Cycles offers men’s commuter bikes, as well as ladies’ commuters suited to female riders looking for a lightweight, everyday bike. The average female body has different proportions to men’s so Reid Cycles have designed a bike frame and touchpoints specifically suited to a female rider.


Made out of our own Reid Hydroformed Alloy, our commuter bikes offer great value, reliable and lightweight ride. Browse our range of hybrid and commuter bikes today to find something suited to your individual needs.