12" Kids Bikes

12" Kids Bikes

The Reid range of 12” kid’s bikes are the perfect start for children aged 2-4 years old (85-100cm tall) to start learning how to control a bike. Our range has been specifically designed for children of this size to be able to easily steer, pedal and brake on the bike. Our bikes aim to help build confidence, which leads to more enjoyment and improved learning. All Reid 12” kid’s bikes include removable training wheels.


12” refers to the diameter of the wheels on kid’s bikes. This differs from adult bikes, which are generally measured by the size of their frame. Kids grow fast, but don’t be tempted into buying too far ahead of their correct size. A bike that’s the right size will be easier to control, making learning and confidence building much easier. Learn more

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The perfect birthday gift, you’ll be enjoying family weekend rides through the park or along the beach, enjoying quality time while you also ensure your kids get outside and remain active.


With a range of sizes available, there is the perfect kids’ bike for any age, with 16” bikes with training wheels for beginners, all the way up to 24” for your older riders. Remember to keep your kids protected with our specialised helmets and kid’s riding gear.


You can buy online or come into one of our stores for expert guidance and a test ride. Browse our full range of kid’s bikes today!