Day 1 - And we're off... Just

11 February, 2020

Each day we'll bring you a snippet of the daily ride from one of the team. Today that's Elijah...

The first day was very interesting to say the least. We started off getting to Reid Cycles Perth at 9.30 and Sam started servicing our bikes. He was extremely thorough which was great but we did have to wait of course. We spent out time buying last minutes necessities, doing interviews and photos for the Persian news team and others, but the waiting was tough! 

We took off at around 1pm and made a lot better time than we expected. We flew up green mouth hill which we were very concerned about and made it 73kms before the sun started going down and we had to find a camp site.

We found a clearing on the side of the road with, for some unknown reason, a perfectly good couch! Which soon enough practically saved our lives. This is when the hiccups started coming...

Day 1b

Gids and Jayme (support Crew) hadn't left Perth yet because they had to wait for Emily who was driving Dom's support van to meet them so Gids could drive the van up green mount hill (she wasn't very good in a Manual). As Gideon waited to get picked up Jayme took off to get to us and on her way rear ended a car!! The support van wouldn't start!! On the first day...

She freaked out a little and called Dad to come help. Luckily there was no damage to the car, the battery had just been knocked out of place. Mean while Sarah, Ben, Dom and i were huddled up on the road side couch in our Lycra with our cleats and helmets on trying to conserve body heat and not freeze!

Day 1c

Whilst Dad and Jayme were fixing the car Gid and Emily over took them and after spending a couple of hours huddled up to the guys in the freezing cold they came to the rescue with jumpers and blankets. It was heaven on earth! We waited a little longer and soon enough Dad and Jayme rocked up with our tents, more clothes, pizza, smiths BBQ chips and of course VICTORY RUM! It was a perfect finish to a crazy first day!