Day 11 - Crossing through Nullabor

11 February, 2020

Elijah: Today was a great day , well everyday is actually! It seems like every day tops the last day, even when we think nothing could top it! I'm really having the best time out here. Camping, riding, thinking, exploring, and seeing endless beautiful things.

Today we saw probably one of the most amazing views of my life! We went to the great Australian bight! What a beautiful part of the world. It was only 5kms away from our camp so the sun was rising as we got there which made for the most undeniably beautiful sight.

The winds were behind us today as well. Like really behind us! We were hitting 45km/h on the flat at around midday when it was at its strongest. We were out running the shadows of clouds on the road as it moved east.

Ben: At lunch we stopped at the iconic Nullarbor roadhouse and I purchased a pie and sauce and a "we crossed the Nullarbor" sticker for my bike. We were asked by a lady called Heather about our trip and our cause. When I mentioned the ASRC she said she knew of them and gave us $20! We ran into a touring cyclist from Denmark called Michael who has been cycling for two and a half years through Europe, America, Canada and Alaska. He gave us his card with his life philosophy on the back. What an awesome guy.



Later we entered the Yalata Aboriginal Reserve and had our first downpour. We sheltered for a while then continued aiming to reach a total of 200k. That's when we met Ariel from the USA. She has been cycling from QLD to Darwin. We had a great chat about bikes, distances, tyres and experiences.

Elijah: As we push on towards the east, the scenery keeps changing as well. The treeless plains are now turning into beautiful hills and Forrest. To top off a great day of tailwinds we managed to get to 199km for the day!! If only the camp was 1km down the road... Gids and Jayme actually set up the camp at the furthest point of the campsite hoping that little extra would push it over to 200kms but it didn't quite get that far. We had a bit of rain today and I think we will have a bit more tomorrow but if the winds behind us, who cares about the rain?


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