Day 12 - We Get to CLEAN

11 February, 2020

Elijah: I knew we were going to cope some rain today so I was mentally prepared. The rain made today's ride feel like more of a challenge as most people would have just stayed in bed, but we're so determined to make it in 23 days, we would ride in a thunder storm or through a tornado!

"I think that's all you really need to follow through with any challenge. You don't need the best gear or the best protein powder or the tightest Lycra. You just need to be determined."

Ben: We started riding in the rain, it was shit. A cold southerly wind hit us side on all day. Usually I can't feel my toes for the morning but today I couldn't feel most of my feet. We trudged on over rolling hills through the last part of the Yalata reserve. We pulled into the Nundroo roadhouse and relished in the heating. Taking our soggy shoes and socks off for a while. The rain stopped and the sun occasionally popped out from behind the clouds. The country changed from rolling hills and bush to flat cleared wheat fields.


Sarah: 80ks later we hit Penong. Infamous for Cactus beach. The surf Mecca of South Australia. Penong is by far my favourite spot. Small country town but it had coffee a shower and a LAUNDROMAT. I may have cried a little when I saw the sign and our support cars pulling up with our bags of smelly clothes. We all stripped down and pulled off our cold, damp, dirty-as-sin lycra and threw them in the wash. Then sprinted around the corner into the cafe. We sat and ate and ate and ate and talked and waited for our clothes.


Elijah: It was so nice to have a big break with everyone! Dom Sarah and Ben all had showers for $3 but I couldn't be bothered. Maybe that's gross but I really dont give a shit at this stage. I'm only going to get so gross again tomorrow so I bought a pie instead. I ate so much food at lunch it was ridiculous! I didn't know I could eat that much. I had 2 buns filled with baked beans, a pie and 2 sandwiches filled with a whole tin of spaghetti and I wasn't even full, just extremely satisfied with myself.

Ben: After around three hours in Penong and feeling great we headed off to complete the rest of our 160k. It's started raining again and then it got dark. We found camp just before Ceduna. It was so good to put on clean clothes at the end of the day. And they were still warm from being dried!