Day 13 - Wet Shoes and Oysters

Ben: It was another freezing start to the day. Having wet shoes didn't help. In the back of my mind was the constant thought of Ceduna. I've been there with my family and had a great time. It's also famous for having Australia's best Oysters. We cruised in early and the bakery was open. We had hot food and coffee and I introduced the rest of the riders to Blue Heaven thick shakes! It's such a hard flavour to find in WA.

It was really nice to be in a biggish town. By the time we left the bakery people had started filling the Main Street. Heaps of Aboriginal people children and adults congregated and greeted each other warmly. They were speaking there native language which was awesome to hear. They all had a jovial laugh at us in our Lycra.

Then we hunted down some local Oysters. We scored a dozen for $10.99 and went straight out the front of the shop and scoffed them down.

Elijah:  I really enjoyed Ceduna. It's a nice little town. We took off and putted on with our jackets on almost the whole day hoping that the rain would hold off. Luckily we stayed dry and hit 2,000kms for the entire trip! We are getting so close now! Only about 4 days to Adelaide and about 5 from Adelaide to Melbourne! I'm getting so excited to get there but also a bit sad that I'm going to not be doing this anymore. Well not until my next trip!

Ben: By the time we headed off the sun was shining. We cycled through wheat fields and sheep paddocks. We played a game of Hey Sheep! Hey Cow! It's a game my brother and I invented. When you come across a paddock with sheep or cows you scream out "Hey Sheep"! or "Hey Cow"! You get points for the amount of animals that turn around.

We had lunch in Wirrulla. The signs on the way in said "Wirrulla, the town with a secret" we asked the shop keep what the secret was and of course she said "I can't tell you". I bought a huge stick of Salami for my trunk bag then we booted it for camp.

[caption id="attachment_2364" align="aligncenter" width="960"]My "We crossed the Nullarbor" sticker. My "We crossed the Nullarbor" sticker.[/caption]

Sarah:  The remaining 55ks to camp was incredible. The wind died and the sun began to fall. The clouds were purple and red and we all talked and mused about anything and nothing and everything for the last leg. Camp is just on the side of the road by a large water pipe that stretches to Port Augusta, roughly two days bike ride away.

Elijah: Luckily there are less road trains on this side of the highway or it would be another noisy sleep.