Day 14 - A tough Day at the Office

Ben: Man this morning was freezing. I has ice on my bike seat from over night dew freezing. The first 20 km's were hell. My nose stung hard and I rode most of the way with my hands in my armpits to stop them getting numb.14a

All of our feet were numb and sore. We stopped at Minnipa hopping to find somewhere warm but nothing was open so we sat in the sun and defrosted a little.

The rest of the day consisted of hills and headwinds. We stopped for a photo at a massive granite statue in Wudinna and stopped again for lunch in Kyancutta.



Kyancutta had a cool shop with home made Banana bread. More hills and headwinds after that and our first flat tyre! We made camp at sunset. Today was one of the two hardest days for me. Can't wait to get to Adelaide and have a half day off.