Day 15 - A Long Day in the Saddle

11 February, 2020

Sarah: This morning was a later start because of our sleep-in to avoid freaking ridiculously cold temperatures. Which totally worked. We woke and road into the little town with a big Galah, Kimba. Took the mandatory photo with the bird and rode on towards Iron Knob. What a name. What a town.

Ben: We decided to have lunch at Iron Knob at around 100 km for the day. Iron Knob is situated below a massive mining operation. They have literally mined a whole mountain. It's the birthplace of the Australian steel industry according to the sign. We followed the main street, passed run down old houses and closed boarded up shops. The main strip had Emu signs on it which was strange.


We followed tourist information signs directing us further and further into this run down town. We found it on the outskirts, it was closed. We knocked on the Bowls club door but that was shut too so we pulled up a chair in the outside smoking area of the bowls club and ate tuna and mayo sandwiches.


After Iron Knob the landscape became epic! The Massive Flinders mountain popped up in front of us and extended for ever. The scene looked like something out of a Arizona cowboy flick. The mountains come up from a flat plain which makes it easy to take in so much with one view. The sun was setting fast as we went through a gap in the mountains to Port Augusta.

Sarah: The ride in was beautiful but by the time we were in the midst of the small city the sun was gone and the traffic picked up. We hit our fist traffic lights since Perth city which I found stupidly exciting.

Ben: We found out that camp was 20 km past Port Augusta so we rode through into the dark. We clocked 185k today. Headwinds for the whole day meant we were in the saddle for a huge 8hrs 41min. In total we have cycled 2447.2 km.