Day 16 - The Day before Adelaide

11 February, 2020

Elijah - I'm lying here so excited that we've only got 130 kms to Adelaide and we can have half a rest day and eat greasy food and I think I'll be getting a bed at Jayme's aunties house! It's going be a great day and a massive milestone for the ride.



Ben: We left a little later today. The landscape went from massive ranges either side of us to rolling hills. We took a detour for morning tea to Port Germein. It was the best detour ever! They happened to have there monthly Sunday markets on. There was this awesome building at the start of the jetty and in it were all sorts of stalls.

Sarah: We got extremely excited when we saw signs for sausages and donuts! Oh my god they were the best donuts I have ever eaten!! Straight out of the fryer. I've never craved greasy, salty, sugary food as much as I have on this ride.


The towns people had built these crazy vehicles to drive through the boggy sand flats and launch boats. Everyone in the town was super friendly and up for a chat.


Today was a good day. We slept in a little again and had a light rail wind for most of the day. We pulled into Port Germein for our first break and stubbled upon there monthly markets.  We spent a while checking out the markets and chatting to the very friendly locals before we took of again and ride our biggest leg yet, 70kms.

It's getting a lot easier to do this much in one go now. Especially with a light rail wind. We have now ended up camping just next to a beautiful salt lake only 130kms out of Adelaide. Ready for an early start and an awesome arvo tomorrow.