Day 17 - Where to Start?

11 February, 2020

Ben: Man where to start? Sorry today's write up will be a bit of a novel. Today was so epic. More so because of the people than the scenery although we woke to the best sunrise over lake Bumbunga in Lochiel. After that it was a slow change from country to city. We stopped in Dublin after some pretty hairy highway cycling with no or next to no shoulders to ride on. Dublin seemed to be a servo, pub and a general store that was everything. A store, a hardware store, post office, video store. I walked in looking for a toilet and food. Straight up I met a man who saw our bikes and asked about our journey and if we needed anything.

Side note: Lij (Elijah) had the curse of three. Mice had eaten his peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches that were pre made for today's lunch. He then had a flat tire, which we couldn't get back to full pressure with our tiny pump. Then he spilled tuna can juice, like a whole massive cans worth over his crouch! End side note.

So I mentioned that we did need a tire pumped up. He said that he was a cycling nut and said he could help us out. He showed us his fully kitted out van with everything a cyclists could need including his titanium bike. He lent us his pump and gave us a CO2 canister adapter to get us out of future flat probs. The man who introduced himself as slippery then bought us lunch and donated $20 without knowing the charity. In his words "I don't care what your doing it for I feel honoured to be a part of it" turns out the guy runs a custom made bike business on the side while he flies planes for Australian boarder protection.

While waiting in line for food at the same shop we met Lee who donated $20 cash because she thought what we were doing was awesome. The shop keep Sarah and her wee little son Darcie over heard our convo and said they love the work of the ASRC and gave us $20 straight from the till!

We had some crazy detours over train tracks, through agricultural areas and LIA's and eventually landed at Reid Cycles Adelaide. The guys there were so cool and put up with our stinky selves and our requests.

Adelaide 2

Then we came across Burger Theory! One of the crew mentioned our journey and then the owner rob came out and shouted us a round of beers! Rob had done a east coast cycle journey so we has heaps in common. by the way the burgers and beer there are all sourced local and soooo freakin good. The dude and all of the staff were so rad. We met a mate of there's that bought a kick ass old school Malvern star racer for $40.

Them we met the much talked about and eagerly awaited auntie Jana. (Jayme, support crew champions's auntie) she picked us up from Adelaide and welcomed us into her five child family. I cannot believe the amount of love and support this lady has given us. She has been constantly been pushing local media for exposure. Her family is so warm and excepting. Her little 5 yo girl Mali is so rad and makes me miss my Ash soo much. As I write this we are taking it in turned to wash ourselves and our clothes and relishing in the family environment. Bless.
What a day!