Day 18 - Wonderfully Unexpected

11 February, 2020

Elijah: What a wonderfully unexpected day! I woke up this morning in a bed for the first time in a few weeks and I was so clean and happy that I got to sleep in. As I got up Aunty Jana had already started cooking pancakes for the masses that she was feeding and I just chilled out and got to sit back and have a coffee. I was very, very content.

The food came out, first course pancakes with whipped cream, maple syrup, raspberries and banana. Next up four eggs on toast with bacon. I have never seen so many people stuff their faces so quickly! She continued to give us chocolates, corn and ham for the trip. We were pretty spoilt.

We got to the Reid shop and the bikes were serviced and ready and I was keen to get back on and ride off to Melbourne (I never thought I would actually be excited to get back on a bike). We took off through the city and slowly as we left the city the bike paths took us through some amazingly beautiful areas. The big Adelaide hills didn't seem too bad when we just dropped all the gears and rode slowly through the hills with the birds flying over us and hardly any cars in site.

The lookouts got high and better and we really were having a great time. Then the bike paths started ending and Google maps took charge taking us through some very strange "bike paths". We ended up riding along hiking trails and what seemed to be mountain bike trails. Going up no through roads and cutting though the bush and parks to other paths. The bikes were definitely not made for it but we were having an awesome time weaving through trees and flying down paths through the beautiful Adelaide bush.

We stopped after about 30kms in Banhannah for some food and we found the Banhannah bakery. I walked in with a massive smile and immediately saw a big apple and blueberry pie that me Sarah and Ben decided we needed to eat. We chilled out for a second and looked at Google maps to see what path it was about to take us and when we saw one that looked the quickest and best we took off again. The roads were ok for a bit but then it all got very rural. We turned on to gravel roads through farm land and shitty pot holed roads through some amazing fields and over some beautiful hills.

There was one moment somewhere between Banhannah and Barbuka when we were flying down a hill with fields of green and cattle around us and the road started getting really bad and we were going so fast! I started thinking about what we were doing and thought, there really is no place I'd rather be and nothing else I would rather be doing at this moment. Where were we?! I started laughing and couldn't stop for about 10minutes. I was so happy.

The sun started setting and the hills started going down more than up, we were on the down side of the big hills. The fields kept going and so did the gravel roads. We ended up getting on to a more direct highway as the sun went down and we cruised the next couple of hours in the night. It was quite a nice night though. Nothing could really get my hopes down at that moment.

It really was a wonderfully unexpected day.