Day 19 - An unplanned rest day

11 February, 2020

Elijah:  We got up before the sun rise and we're ready for a big day with the wind behind us. Unfortunately only about 25kms down the highway Sarah hit Ben's back wheel and came flying off at about 23kms an hour. We heard the crash and looked back to see Sarah splayed out on the road in pain and a truck coming up behind her.

We jumped off our bikes and ran over getting her an her bike off the road before we saw a gash in her arm about the size of a 20c piece. We got out the bandages and betadine and had a good look at the gash. The skin of the gash had completely come off and we saw the outside skin sliding independently over the muscle that was showing. It was so gross!

Sarah was unbelievably composed about it all. She pretty much ate up the pain like it was nothing but we could tell that she was hurting so badly! We wrapped it up and called Gids (in the support vehicle) to pick her up and take her to the hospital. As we waited we played somemusic and talked to try and distract her as the adrenaline slowly began wearing off.


Gids arrived and she jumped in the van and we put the bike in the back. We slowly started riding back to Tailem Bend which luckily we had only passed by about 8kms. We stopped past the Murray river on the way and subway as well because there was not much we could do but wait while Sarah got a few stitches in her arm. Luckily she came out with local anesthetic in her arm so she couldn't feel a thing and the OK from the doctor that she can ride tomorrow, but we need to chill out for the rest of the day.

She said that 2 nurses separately came in to see her cut, both of them making a grossed out noise when they saw it. It didn't make Sarah feel very good about it but she laughed anyway. Then the doctor came in shouting "Where's your skin?!" When he saw it. That didn't make her feel too great about it either but she laughed again and so did the doctor.

After she was sorted we went to an over priced bakery for iced coffee and pies and Sarah got her prescribed pain killers.

Jayme jumped on the bike for Sarah and we only had to ride 5kms past where Sarah came off to a camp site, we were definitely not riding further back! Luckily we are ahead of schedule so it doesn't make it difficult to make it to Melbourne by Sunday, even if we cruise and take more breaks for Sarah to chill out. We are now setting up camp and ready to chill for the rest of the day in the beautiful sun. Sarah's anesthetic is starting to wear off so we are all feeling for her right now. I hope she gets an ok sleep tonight but for now we're just going to relax, read, watch movies and eat Tim tams.