Day 2 - Getting into the groove

Each day we'll bring you a snippet of the daily ride from one of the team. Today that's Elijah...

Today was hard but great! We got up at 6am and got ready pretty slowly as we we're still organising everything. We had some tea and powdered milk, milo and muesli. As the sun got higher and we got ready I took off my thermals, said bye to Dad and we got on the road for our first big day. Our aim, 160kms!

Day 2a

We cycled in 40km blocks and had lunch at around 70kms as there was a nice little town with some table and chairs. We had some very dry tuna and bread and got some Tim Tams from the servo. The dates and muesli bars were going down a treat! We pushed on making up the extra Kms after lunch. About half way through the third leg my legs started to feel sore. The next rest was well needed as my legs had become really knackered! We were making great progress though!

Day 2b

Only 45 Kms to go! We pushed on and I was going ok. My legs were sore but I could push on. About 25kms in we were passed by Jayme and Gids in the support vehicle, so we stopped and had a chat. They had got heaps of food and gas from Northam and were feeling a lot more prepared than the day before. We told them to stop about 20kms up at a nice clearing. We pushed on and it slowly became easy as we got closer and ever one started become pretty jolly!

We saw the camp and screamed and shouted ringing our bells non stop. We hit 160kms on the dot!!! We were so happy but so knackered! Jayme and Gids had set up the tent and gas cooker and had pasta on and were setting up the marquee. Everything was going great. We had an awesome big meal and planned out Day 3, another big one!