Day 20 - We made it to Victoria!

Ben: We departed our camp 20k East of Tailem Bend around seven. We were all a little unsure about how we would go today with Sarah nursing her stitched up elbow. We started off at a great pace with a tail wind and maintained it all day!



We stopped at Coonalpyn and bought some hot food from the really nice ladies at the servo. Lij had a couple of flat tyres. We were helped out by the guys at the tire shop. We then met the crew at Keith and had lunch as dark clouds rolled in. We ate in the park and had some fun on the playground. 

Next stop was Boardertown where we were met by the loverly Georgie from the local paper at a really cool bakery. The bakery was inside an old police station and the toilets out the back were in the old holding cells. We did an interview and posed for some photos we then discovered a bag of yesterday's baked goods for $5. I had already eaten a hot chicken and cheese roll and a Blueheaven milkshake!

So we rode off with our support crew member Gideon joining us on the spare bike. Then the rain started pouring down. I laughed so hard when a semi passed spraying us with water and nearly lifting Gideons shirts straight off his back.


20km from Boardertown we stopped at a great little rest stop with cover, lighting, tables and chairs and toilets! We were a little disappointed not to see the boarder to vic. There was a shop across the road and we decided to ask them. As we were leaving Lij (Elijha) said "check out the plaque on that rock" and there it was! We have reached Victoria!


Sarah and I rode over to the shop and just inside the door was a big tub of beef jerky. My favourite food. Such an awesome welcome to vic even despite the weather.