Day 21- We Plough On

11 February, 2020

Sarah: The morning was kinda beautiful again. Even though it was wet and cold and we couldn't really recall what our hands felt like. I enjoyed riding through the morning misty rain. I think I enjoyed the cold because my arm was feeling a lot better and I regained my confidence enough to sit up front and lead the group again for the morning.

The day started off great with a light tail wind. We rolled over hills and into a town called Nhill. We had to stop in town to get my stitches re-assessed by a doctor. Make sure it's holding together and blah blah blah. And good news: it's all good and healing pretty quickly.

I met the others back in town where they dominated a small cafe. Pretty sure we ate all their food. After that early lunch we rode another 50k to the next town and stopped there for lunch. On the way there we rode passed the pink lake. Which was beautiful. And pink. And a lake.

Horsham is the town we stopped and had our bike tyres pressure increased and two legends who showed special interest in our ride purchased us an adapter! They were all so kind.


Ben: It's pretty crazy to think that this is our second last camp. I'm so amped to see my Mum tomorrow. Her and her partner Doug are going to come out to the highway to cheer us on. Then on Sunday we will be in Melbs!