Day 23 - We Make it to MELBOURNE!

11 February, 2020

Ben: We made great pace down the western highway and then Sarah got her first flat. We happened to be near a servo so we stopped to sort it out and have a bite to eat. We smashed it to the Balarat Rd tun off then Sarah saw the city skyline! It was such a welcome sight, we all started screaming yew!, fuck yeah!, sick! etc. This made us so pumped.



We continued through the city and out to Windsor. As we neared all our stomachs started getting butterflies. We saw the Reid cycles store! I did a massive skid and we all ran inside. The support crew were there with beer shots lined up on the counter. Clem our partner in crime at Reid had champagne bottles waiting. We jumped up and down screaming like mad and hugging each other. It was such an awesome sense of achievement.

Elijah: WE DID IT! We rode 3525km across 3 states, 1 country and an entire continent! What an amazing experience it has been for all of us. The ride has been so tough at times with the raining 2 degree mornings getting on our bike before the sun rise but it truly has been worth it, not only for the challenge and reward of completing it but also pushing ourselves to the limit for a charity we are all very passionate about. And what better people to do it with!



Ben and Sarah are both amazing people and I am so happy I have done this with them. I only met Ben 2 months before the ride as I asked to join him and it feels like I have known him for a lifetime. It has been a great experience getting to know him and spending all this time with him. He is an amazing person and I am honored that he let me join this ride with him. Sarah too is a fantastic person. I really learnt a lot about Sarah on this trip, a lot more than I ever knew and it has been a pleasure. She is such a crazy fun strong girl who has been so great to be doing this with. Jayme, gids, Emily and Dom as well helped us so much along the way. I have really had an amazing trip of a lifetime that I will never forget and I really wouldn't change a thing about it. It was perfect.



One of Reid Cycles' legendary mechanics turned one of our chains into bracelets. Stoked.


It feels weird now as I let my mind at ease knowing that I don't have to get up at 5.30 tomorrow in the freezing and ride 160km. As We got closer to the Reid shop today (the official finish line) I started to feel like I had just had 10 coffees. Excited, shaky and scattered in my brain. As we saw the Reid sign I started screaming! We rode straight threw the front door and through a finish line of tape Gideon and Emily had got. We threw down the bikes and hugged just about everyone in the shop.


We were greeted with champagne, little $2 trophies, a lot of donuts and a line of about 30 shots of VB and a shot of victory rum each that we had to race each other to finish. Victory rum truly has never tasted sweeter! The Reid shop floor soon got very dirty from spilt beer and champagne, donut sugar and our general dirtiness.




After everything settled down we went to get some beer from down the street (not in Lycra for a change) and got a lot of pizza. Now we are getting ready for a big night of celebrations. So far we have raised roughly $5,400 and the donation as are still coming in. I am so proud of Ben Sarah Dom and myself for getting threw this epic challenge and am excited to forever remember this as the adventure of a lifetime with some of my best friends ever.

Ben: Clem then told us that after displaying our bikes for a while he would then send them back to us! So good as we have become so attached to them. We changed then headed to the closest pub for beers and pizza.

After the initial celebrations at Reid Cycles we drove to the Brunswick Hotel for the after party. Having lived I'm Melbs all my life I was so looking forward to seeing my mates again. The night was perfect. Surrounded by the crew, my friends and family. My best mate even asked me to be his best man! It was so hard to fight the fatigue that was setting in hard but I managed with the help of heaps of beers that everyone was shouting me. We raised some money for my mates cancer treatment as well which was rad.

After a great time dancing with my mate Chloe I headed to my best mates house to enjoy his amazing home brew beers on tap. It still hasn't really kicked in that we have actually done what we have done. I'm so happy and proud of everyone involved. I'm totally mind blown by the generous good hearted people who have donated their hard earned $ to help others.

Elijah: I know it seems crazy but I really want to go for a ride tomorrow. Maybe I'll sleep in and see how I feel after the hangover settles