Day 3 - Getting the legs pumping

Each day we’ll bring you a snippet of the daily ride from one or two of the team. Today that’s Elijah & Ben...

Elijah: Today was great! It was tough to get going but I felt my endurance is already starting improve as I didn't get too knackered until about 10 - 20kms from the end. Yesterday I was getting knackered half way through the third leg. Our speeds are also picking up and so is our bike knowledge. We are slowly tweaking our bikes to fit us better and are riding more efficiently with gears.

We stopped at a small roadhouse for lunch applied some Aussie Butt Cream and Ben got a beer which was classic!

Ben: The support crew had pre packed us containers of pasta so we found a hotel/motel and hoed into it. I bought a pint of beer thinking it would taste amazing but the idea was better than reality, it made for a sluggish start after lunch. That and the milkshake. We got told off for mucking around near the fuel pumps by the grumpy family that ran the place. I don't think they were impressed.

Day 3a

Ben: Not long after lunch we were overtaken by a Double fuel tanker. After it passed the whole back tank/trailer started fish tailing out of control! Some of the back wheels were off the road on the gravel. It looked touch and go for a second. All we could do was watch and hold our breath.

We were happy with our pace today with an average of 23.7k per hr and a total of 155k. We arrived to a set up camp! Tents and all and with dinner on the camp stove. So good to see the camp and to have some light at the end of the day.

Elijah: The bikes are holding up really well with no problems yet. As we get further the cars get fewer and the towns get smaller. The dirt is getting redder and more stars show every night. I absolutely love this.