Day 4 - The Strange CD Tree

11 February, 2020

Ben: Oats and powdered milk for brekkie with a cup of tea and then we set off with a packed lunch around 8am. A bit of a slower start today, we were averaging 21kph due to a south easterly headwind. We met up with the support crew 40km down the road for morning tea. Not long after we came across the CD tree, a strange but pretty sight in the middle of nowhere.

Day 4a

When we were 48km into the day we met up with the support crew for lunch at a truck stop/picnic area. Then off we went racing against the setting sun. Throughout the day we watched the earth change from a dark brown to a rich red as we left the wheat belt and entered the goldfields bushland. We rode into the night and arrived at camp around 6pm clocking a massive 170k day. Each day we finish feeling better than the day before as our fitness increases and our asses succumb to the 6-7 hrs of daily punishment.

Elijah: Every day we all seem to be getting a bit better. Not necessarily faster but our endurance is getting much better. Today we had our longest day of 170kms!! We did our longest leg of 48kms just before lunch and even though we rocked up at dark we all felt great! We could have kept riding to Coolgardie. We have camp set up just 10kms out of Coolgardie and Gids and Jayme said there are showers at the first road house into town so we are getting up extra early tomorrow and are going to have a longggg shower! I'm so excited!! I stink! So bad! I had my first stack today from not getting the cleats out quick enough. Ben fell just before me. I looking forward to finally getting onto a new road tomorrow. Coolgardie Esperance hwy. I'm starting to really enjoy the little things.