Day 6 - It's Starting to get Cold

11 February, 2020

Sarah: The coldest start to date. It was a 4 degree morning and we were shocked into consciousness. Elijah found ice on the inside of his rain jacket and we were all so cold our skin hurt.

However we quickly warmed once we got on our bikes and set off towards Norsmen. Right before Norsmen the road rolled and cut down towards the plains of Lake Cohen, and impressive site that temporarily taking our thoughts away from the cold. We quickly took a few photos and hit it into Norsemen.

Day 6f

It's always 'exciting' hitting a new road and this time it was Eyre Highway. Slowly getting closer and closer to The Nullabor.

Daty 6a

We spoke to a few of the local road house owners and they informed us that what we're doing is considered quite tame/sane compared to some other odd balls rolling past their shops all in the name of charity.

They've had couples pushing each other in prams, guys dressed up as medieval knights and a lone storm trooper who have all crossed Australia and have complete their route identical to ours.

Fun fact: I live down the road from the guy who crossed Australia dressed as a storm trooper! Lovely family. Small world.

Day 6g

From Norsmen on-wards we were riding into a headwind and pushing through gradual hills. It was a hard day but it makes us stronger! After lunch the wind slowly died down and by 2.30 we were passed Mt Pleasant and the sun went from our faces to our backs.

We made it into camp at 5.20pm. Dinner was done, tents were up and we all wanted to marry the support crew for doing it all for us.

Days six down, it's almost officially been a week.