Day 7 - The Longest Straight Road EVER

Ben: We woke to another freezing morning and set off on a shower quest. We cycled 50k to Belladonia only to find the showers were caged off and not to be used. All was not lost as they had hot food, so I bought a mean home made sausage roll with sauce. We arranged to meet the support crew 120k down the road and headed off towards the Nullubour. Not long after saw a mob of Emu's and we passed the Royal Flying Doctors Service air strip which is actually part of the road.



After that we reached the start of the longest straight road in the Southern Hemisphere! From there the trees started to thin out and we came across a Wedge Tail Eagle that had been hit by a vehicle while feasting on a dead kangaroo. I took a flight feather and a talon as a momento. Such amazing birds, it was a shame to see it like that but also amazing to see one up close.


Today we reached the 1,000km mark so we rode four abreast through the last 100m then stopped to photograph the odometer. While getting back on my bike I clipped in and then hit Elijah's wheel which made me fall over bike and all. Everyone including me had a laugh. We have all fallen over while stopping or taking off now. The sun started setting while we were riding and the sky filled with amazing pinks purples and reds. The temperature started dropping fast and it was night when we arrived at camp. We totaled 165k today. Not a bad effort.

We're stoked that our Reid Osprey Elites are holding up well and all of our gear is doing its job. The elements are harsh out here, so the less we have to worry about the better!