Day 8 - Into the Wind

Sarah: This morning in the car park we met two like minded people. Noel and Bettina. Noel is riding in the opposite direction across the Nullabor. Coming from Adelaide and ending in Broome for the Kids Cancer Project. They were both very kind lovely people and we had a great talk about each other's experiences on the road, headwinds and condition of the road. Such nice people. And there 17yo dog Fergus was awesome. We all hugged goodbye in the end and left feeling confident in our separate journeys.

The day was trying with headwinds the entire day. We finished the straight in Caiguna and stopped here to eat some lunch and take a few pics.


After lunch we Jumped on our bikes and plugged away into the headwinds. Then around 2pm we all started to lose our patience...

"I hate the wind." Called Dom.
"Screw the wind!" Ben claimed
"I hate the wind so much I'll take it out to dinner and treat it real nice and never call again!" I chimed in.
"I wouldn't even show up!" Elijha concluded

This went on for a little while, we all managed to laugh at the situation because that's all you can do. The winds didn't let up for a long time. Around 5pm did the wind speed dropped a few knots. In between that drop of wind speed nothing really happened of note. Besides Ben falling off his bike into road kill. Always a good time.

Ben: Later we had a break and I started riding up an embankment back onto the road. Sarah said "watch out Ben" I saw a crusty old roo carcus and thought that's what she meant. Then I saw a semi heading towards me so I stopped on the uphill slope. I couldn't unclip from my cleats in time and ended up falling off my bike kinda in slow motion and rolling onto the road kill. Lol.

Day 6b

We cycled 160k and still hadn't seen the crew. Then Gids drove up and said the camp was another 10k away. It was well and truly dark so he tailed us the rest of the way with the ute. A massive 173k in total today. Pretty happy with that. And a camp fire to boot!