Day 9 - Pub grub and a Free Shower

Ben: We got off to an early start this morning and had a frontal cross wind for a few hrs. Troops of kangaroo's hopped alongside us in groups of up to 50. One group hopped in a great line alongside and then across the road in front of us. We looked up to see a semi trailer coming as the group was crossing. Just as it got too close, the kangaroo's at point of crossing stopped. Then a small kangaroo from the back jumped straight passed them and in front of the truck. The truck slowed a little and missed it by centimeters.

We also met Tukuma. He is solo touring on a bicycle. He left the east 4 weeks ago and is heading to northern W.A, across the top and then down to Uluru. After that he will ride east again. He is taking 9 month to do it and is cycling 100km per day. He was a champ. We swapped stories, looked at maps and checked his set up out.


Elijah: After spending a bit of the morning fighting a cross head wind until we got to the top of the Madura hill. Just before Madura the whole plain drops off creating the most amazing view of a mountain range dropping off to an endless plain. After we flew down the hill the winds turned into a cross tail the rest of the way letting us gun it to mundrabilla. We saw a storm brewing behind us and it got our adrenalin going. We were out riding a storm!

We gunned it the rest of the the day with the wind behind us and arrived at the Mundrabilla road house really early and put some trackies on and ordered a big burger and chips and a beer. It was so good to have something greasy!! We cheersed and had an awesome arvo and met a couple of guys who were riding as well.

9dBen: During dinner met two other cyclists who had also started in the west at the same time as us but had taken a slightly different paths. We had a yarn to Brent and Neil who are top blokes. They offered us free showers in there rooms so we didn't have to pay the $5 per shower fee. They asked if we could forward some of their bags to the nullabor road house so they didn't have carry them and we agreed. They gave us $50 to donate to the ASRC. I also met a realy nice truckie called Leslie who loved a chat. He also donated $50 to our ride fundraising. There are so many generous people that we have been lucky to meet.

Elijah: Free. Shower. Clean. Oh my god. This was turning into the best day ever!! After the showers we got back on the bikes and cruised 4kms down the road to our camp site, set up our tents, sat around the camp fire and went to bed.