DIY Ways to Pimp Your Ride

11 February, 2020

Have you ever thought of ‘renovating’ your bike in an affordable and achievable way? Or do you want to unleash your creativity so that your bike would look personal to you? From decorating some existing components such as the saddle and handlebar to adding new accessories like a bottle holder. Let’s give your bike a makeover this summer!

Now, let’s start with refurbishing your own bike.

1. Give your bike a new paint job

One of the reasons that you fell for your bike the first time must be the colour. You definitely want to ride on your bike more if it has your favourite colours on it. However, it’s totally understandable that after a while, you might want to change it up a bit. Well, we know what a fresh lick of paint does!  Freshen up your frame, fork, bell or wheel, or customise your bike with outdoor use stickers.

One of our 2010 retro Harriers!
When your wheels completely match your blue bike! I’m blue daba dee daba die 
What if you don’t fancy vivid colours this time? Try all white.
Give your retro white bike a touch of green on the grips or wheels…
… or colour your bike bell. Stand out from the crowd!

2. Upgrade your saddle

Summer is coming and do you feel like cruising around in a new, stylish saddle rather than the familiar one you’ve been sticking to for ages? We have some suggestions that will transform your bike seat.

Paint your leather saddle

Do you know that your bike seat could be a piece of canvas for your art creation? You can spray, dab or draw on it, depending on the design of your own; or no design at all – go freestyle! All you need is some brushes or sponges and apparently, leather spray and paint, we recommend acrylic paint.

Crochet your saddle

If you’re into knitting, or you know nothing about it and want to give it a try, crocheting a seat cover can be great fun. You would make it with elastic, so that it will fit most types of seat. Here are some designs for your inspiration.

Buy your saddle a cover

If you don’t draw or knit but still want to decorate your saddle, well, we’ve got an easy-peasy solution – buy a new seat cover. Not only does it express you a little more, but also keeps your saddle dry!

3. Nostalgia

Do you feel that freedom whenever you cruise your bike, the wind blowing through your hair and your body not being confined inside a car? Yes, we do, too. Do you want to magnify that fantastic feeling in some way? Well, throw yourself back to childhood and you might find the answer: handlebar streamers.

To make the bike streamers yourself, you will need a bunch of different strings and ribbons such as satin ribbons, grosgrain ribbons and metallic strings.

To stick the ribbons and strings together, you can use hot glue or sew them to a big button. Finally, stick or stitch the streamers to an elastic fastening and tie them to your handlebar.

Voila! Gone with the wind ~

4. Bargain bottle holder

In need of a drink to quench the thirst while riding but have no place to hold the bottle onto your bike? A coat hanger can be a game changer. You’re reading it right – you can bend a malleable coat hanger into a bottle holder.

First, it would be easier if you straighten the hanger; then, find a picture of a bottle holder online that you think you’ll be able to curve accordingly. Test your new product with a bottle, shape it until you think that the bottle can be kept firmly during your bike ride. Happy with the shape? Now, use the duct tape to bind the ends together.

Finally, grab your screws, washers and drill to attach the newly made bottle holder into your bike frame. Thirst solved!

5. Flower bike basket

If you’re feeling up for the challenge of making your own DIY flower bike basket or wanting to freshen up your bike basket with some flowers, then why not? It’s easy, all you’ll need are some scissors, some handy floral wire and depending on the type of basket, a hot glue gun. Start with weaving the floral wire around the basket and glue the flowers along the way if needed. The ultimate way to always bring a light of life to your bike, by always having your favourite flowers with you.

… Alternatively, easy as it may sound, you can simply pop down to the florist or local market and grab a fresh bouquet to go in your basket. Vintage style guaranteed!

We hope that our DIY tips have inspired you to know that you can have all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank. We believe that the freedom of a bike and making it your own is for everyone. That’s why we write these blogs. It’s why we offer products across a range of prices, at incredibly competitive rates. It’s why we don’t claim to be better; we claim to be different.

If you’re yet to experience life on two wheels, join the journey with us.  We keep costs down, as the joy of cycling and being free should be accessible to everyone and still deliver the quality you deserve with a lifetime frame and fork warranty on all frames and non-suspension forks.

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