Durianrider Reviews the Reid Osprey Elite

11 February, 2020

Well, the first question you probably want to know is "who is Durianrider"? We attempted to write a nice little summary, but decided it's best to quote the man himself...

Elite Vegan. Ultra Cyclist. Marathoner. Youtuber. No f*cks given. I went from sedentary and sick to super lean and fit. I have over 84 million views on my YouTube channel and I'm dedicated to getting the health, fitness and weight loss message out there to the masses. My life story is featured in my ebook, Carb The F*ck Up!

Durianrider has over 111,000 followers on Instagram, 42,000 facebook fans and 128,000 YouTube subscribers, at the time of writing this article, and is well regarded as a top level rider.

We considered paraphrasing his reviews of the Reid Osprey Elite, but again thought it's best to let him do the talking. Just a couple of things to note prior to watching these videos:

  1. There is explicit language which may offend some people. You were warned.
  2. Durianrider is in no way affiliated with Reid Cycles - he choose to buy and review the Reid Osprey Elite off his own bat and we've simply shared the content because frankly, we're stoked.


The bike arrives. Durianriders initial thoughts...


Durianrider takes it for a ride with the best of them. The REAL test...


Analysing the stats. How do they stack up?

The Reid Osprey Elite vs an $8000 Cervelo Carbon...?

Impressed with what you've seen? Take a look at the Reid Osprey Elite here. If you still need some convincing, come into one of our stores and take it for a test ride, you will be impressed. This is unbeatable value, and this is a fantastic bike.