On Yer Bike - A Tasmanian Charity Ride

11 February, 2020

A group of three amateur cyclists set themselves the challenge of cycling over 1500 kms around Tasmania in 21 days - all for charity. Each rider had selected a charity to ride for and every dollar raised has been donated to their respective charity.

Reid Cycles also sponsored their ride by helping them out with bikes, getting them started with some gear and donating a dollar for every 'like' they received on their facebook page.

Buying a ReidThe team picking up their trusty touring steads...

Hugh is cycling for CamKids, a charity to help the poorest children and orphans in Cambodia.  Zoe is cycling for the MS Society in memory of her Nan who sadly suffered from this before passing away three years ago. You can still donate to Hugh and Zoe through this link...

Molly is cycling for an Indian orphanage that is very close to her heart which she volunteered at during her time there. You can still support Molly through this

Let's Get Started! 

Feb 19
Yesterday started at about 4am for all three of us. Hugh and Molly flew into Launceston from Sydney Zoe from Melbourne to Hobart. After hiring a car and getting to Hobart we went on the search for a place to pitch out tent until next week when our bikes will arrive! 15kms out of the city is the nearest cheap place and as we are doing everything for as cheap as possible (100% of the donations are going directly to the charities) we have settled here.

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An early start today at 6:30am to get into the city and a predicted 3 hour walk back 'home' tonight! Been to the Tourist Info center for our maps and all in the library plotting the finer details of the route.

Fun story of the day...we decided to drive up some derelict country/off road to ask whoever lived there if we could chuck them a few dollars to tent up and soon realised that it could be the beginning of 'Wolf Creek 3'! Molly and Zoe semi confidently got out of the car to approach the old farm building whilst Hugh 'kept an eye on the car.' Next thing the girls are screaming and sprinting back to the car with a feral dog on their tails. Molly sustained a snap to the leg but seems to be healing up okay!

Feb 25
So the big Tassie cycle has commenced. 21 days of sore legs await us. All in the name of charity.

Team starting tour

Feb 26
Day two Richmond to Orford - couple of firsts including a fall down and a puncture as well as some sore legs but the awesome views make up for it

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Feb 28
Day 2-4, Orford to Mayfield Beach with a tour around Maria Island. On top of the cycle we decided to climb a mountain!

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March 6
Painful few days hitting some high peaks and tough roads but powering through. Limited reception in Northern Tassie!

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March 11
More than 900 km in and we have officially reached the west coast. We are in pain and have obtained many injuries along the way but we are still in high spirits especially after the breathtaking views at cradle mountain!

We were warned how tough the West coast is and its all true! Feeling a lot of pain but smiling and powering through. Just another week and a few more mountains to conquer!

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March 14
Near enough finished the beautiful West Coast. Literally cycled into the clouds the last few days at Queenstown and Mt Arrowsmith. Injuries and having to drink straight from rivers is now the norm!

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March 17
So we finally did it. 21 days and over 1500kms later we made it back to Hobart.

We had an amazing time, stayed positive throughout and were truly thankful for the support of the local Tasmanian people who helped us on so many occasions. From friendly campers giving us gas and milk to pubs and strangers we met in the park giving us a room for the night to ease the pain of sleeping in the tent every night! To the kind people in restaurants and cafes that gave us a free lunch or breakfast to the random guy that gave us a fish on the beach for dinner as the shop had closed and all those that filled up our water bottles so we didn't have to drink from the stream!

We have a load of funny stories that we will share in time ranging from shutting down a lane on the Tasman Bridge and having a police escort to fights with possums over our dinner! No real accidents to report bar Zoe randomly falling over a few times when we stopped to take a break!

We also want to thank all of our supporters. The support and messages really did give us that extra push we needed on cold mornings and tough hills to keep powering through.

If you are feeling that extra bit generous you can still donate at

Once again thanks to everyone that helped us along the way, and we'll see you again when we set out for New Zealand at the end of the year!

The End