Paul's Training Diary - 250km Around the Bay

11 February, 2020

Training for a cycling event takes planning and commitment - especially when you're training for a big distance like 250km.


Our sponsored rider Paul is excited to be taking on the Around the Bay Challenge on his Vantage Comp 1.0. You can keep up with his training progress and all his updates here.

Week 1 - 1st August to 7th August


A good kick off training - got out for a ride to match the my training plan on 6 of the 7 days- on Sunday fell short of the planned 100km - (I really hope time on the rollers does count as 50% extra compared to on the road). 4 of my weekday rides are my commute to work. One of my biggest challenges that I didn’t anticipate is trying to keep up with the laundry and clothes drying to make sure I have kit to wear the next day.


With previous weeks ad hoc training starting to build up I can feel my legs changing already which helps with the confidence that I haven’t taken on more than I can handle.


My diet during training is still in the “planning” phase - but I have cut out desserts and snacks after dinner and reduced mains sizes - I have a goal to lose 2-4 kg before the event and have found myself reading the nutritional info label on most foods I pick up (and when your local coffee shop notes that you are not getting a muffin with your morning brew anymore it’s a sign you were getting them more often than you thought…)

Week 2 - 8th August to 14th August


A solid week of progress with close to my target distance total of 230 km, legs feeling pretty tired and trying to shake a head cold has made it hard work. Cutting out snacks from diet must be working, lost 1.5kg!


Getting out regularly has had me discover a few things - some pleasant and some not so much. Training in a Melbourne winter makes your nose run way more than you would like, but that same nose puts you in touch with your surrounds, past houses where people are cooking bacon and eggs and riding downwind from the jam donut truck on Beach Rd is tempered with bad seaweed and exhaust fumes.

Week 3 - 15th August to 21st August


3 in a row , good week of training despite still trying to shake the remnants of a head cold. Put bike in for first service so went to gym instead of 3rd ride of the week. Paid the price on the weekend rides - sore thighs. Got some benefit though, the hilly areas over Mt Martha didn’t stop me doing 100 km on Sunday.



A mixture of feelings about how training is progressing, going to plan so far but the legs are constantly tired, so worried of this feeling carries all the way to the day I won’t feel ready.



Week 4 - 22nd August to 28th August


Another week down and the build up continues. I have more confidence that following the plan is working- I can feel my fitness building. We met up with the other Team Reid riders on Saturday for a bunch ride to Mordi and back to St Kilda for a coffee. This ride was organised by Bicycle Network. Good to have someone to talk to while riding, you are there before you know it. In a proper Melbourne turn of weather it was beautiful and sunny riding and then 10 minutes later when sitting down for coffee we were all huddled together in overcast conditions with a cold wind blowing- didn’t spoil the day though.


Week 5 - 29th August to 5th September


Starting to concentrate on recovery straight after rides (what to eat/drink) and it is paying off - less sore and feel better later in day/next day, and keeping up with stretching before and after rides. Mixed up training a bit this week and got a big ride in on Monday but paid the price on Thursday - out of energy so just did a few sets of situps and called it a night.


I was right by the weekend and got in 2 good sessions with a few hills thrown in for good measure. I think I have got the bug now and am spending time looking for new routes/roads to train on at the 100km+ range. PS- Magpies are starting to swoop


Week 6 - 6th September to 12th September


Glad spring has come along and been able to enjoy some really nice weather to ride in and explore more of Melbourne and surrounds, including right down to Portsea. The downside is got a bit sunburnt on the weekend, cold mornings are a trap to get you to forget to sunscreen.



And for some reason this weeks theme is getting junk in your eyes while riding- if anyone knows where my glasses are please leave comment.

Week 7 - 13th September to 19th September


My fine weather fuelled reign has come to an end with a wet ride into work - found as long as you keep moving and generating heat it’s not too bad. Didn’t get too wet until last bit near the Spirit of Tassie ferry when blocked drains had water built up right next to the bike path and a truck in peak hour traffic managed to spray it all over me - mmmm salty drain water :yum. Glad it was raining to rinse me off.


Squelched into work to enjoy a shower, but I must have been well soaked, my shoes were still wet 3 days later.


Still feeling the build up of fitness with each week, not noticing an increase in speed but going uphill and into head winds is easier and more consistent and Oliver's Hill in Frankston just ain’t that scary anymore