Reid Cycles' Best of Melbourne for Uni Students!

11 February, 2020

You’re staring down your first week of Uni in Melbourne. The fun of O-Week has died down, and only the hangover remains.

You face the challenge of balancing classes, work, sport and, most importantly, a social life. Furthermore, after you've paid the rent, you have about $12 a week to do it on. Starting uni is tough!

You need a way to get around, get some exercise, save time and save money. A bike is now your best friend. The BMX that’s still in your parent’s garage probably isn't going to do the job. Don’t get me it wrong, it’s rad, but it’s not compatible with carrying your laptop between lectures, tutorials and the pub. Never fear, for Reid Cycles has done extensive research and picked the best bar, best cafe, best street, best trail and best bike in Melbourne.

In this series, you’ll learn about where to go, eat, drink and be merry. We'll be covering all major cities in time, but if your city isn't listed and you want Reid to do some serious research (Reidsearch?), just drop us a line!

Best Bike Bar in Melbourne - The Mountain Goat  Brewery's Goat Bar in Richmond, Victoria

The Goat Bar - Richmond

Only opens Wednesday and Friday nights from 5.00pm, but it’s worth putting on the schedule. They brew on Wednesday nights, so you can see the alcoholic magic at work. Good, cheap(ish) pizza and they’re happy for you to bring your bike right inside.

Best Bike Cafe in Melbourne - St Ali North


Not just one of the best cafes in Melbourne, it’s right on the Capital City Trail, which hooks up with the Merri Creek Trail. Heaps of bike parking, close proximity to good bike shops and excellent food and coffee make St Ali North a must-visit. Also available south of the river.

Best Bike Street in Melbourne - Swanston Street


Swanston Street is a bike highway running North-South through the Melbourne CBD. It connects Fed Square, RMIT, Chinatown and Melbourne University. It’s mostly car-free, but you do mingle with the trams and the pedestrians.

Best Bike Trail in Melbourne - Capital City Trail 


The Capital City Trail throws down 30 kilometres of car-free bike paths in a big loop around Melbourne City. It hooks up with other trails such as the Merri Creek Trail and the Yarra Trail, so it’s definitely worth a pedal.

Recommended Ride for Melbourne - Reid Cycles Griffon

Reid Cycles - Griffon

The Reid Cycles Griffon is Australia’s favourite pub bike. It’s a single-speed, but Melbourne is as flat as a surfboard, so you won’t miss the the gears. Check it out here.