Reid's Road to the Melburn Roobaix - Part One

Like any cycling event, the Melburn Roobaix takes commitment, training and discipline. Fortunately, the Reid Cycles Roobaix team has all of these qualities by the basket load. Read on for the first of three post about our Road to the Roobaix.

The first step in any epic battle is preparing for the conditions. Fortunately, our West Melbourne HQ is within easy striking distance of bars, cafes and cobblestones. It’s a ripe training ground, much as the mountains of Colombia provide the climbs, rarefied air and steady intake of aguapanela necessary for the development of climbing cyclists.


Like many of the best ideas generated by the Reid R&D facility, the commitment to join the Melburn Roobaix was born at a pub. Specifically, the Drunken Poet on Peel Street in Melbourne. Conveniently situated between our office and the Melbourne store, the Drunken Poet boasts regular live music and Irish beers on tap. It’s also where the bike couriers hang out on a Friday night.

Training opportunities: one-arm bicep curls. Start with pots and move up to pints when you’re ready.


One of the most important elements of training is, of course, recovery. Specifically, coffee the morning after ‘training’ heavily at the Poet or similar athletic venue is critical for maintaining performance and keeping your gains. For developing endurance, a medium sized latte from Common Ground is usually the ticket. With an optimal balance of water for re-hydration, protein for building muscle and caffeine for keeping your eyes open, it’s a health beverage long favoured by cyclists. Pre-ride is has to be an espresso, of course.

Training opportunities: pre-ride preparation and post-ride recovery.


It’s between North Melbourne and West Melbourne, we’re in a veritable oasis of cobblestones.

Training opportunities: Practice your mounts, dismounts and balancing a cappuccino on the handlebars.

Coming in Part Two

Equipment preparation and a sneak-peak at the limited edition Roobaix Reid jersey... click here.

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