Reid's Road to the Melburn Roobaix - Part Two

Like any cycling event, the Melburn Roobaix takes commitment, training and discipline. Fortunately, the Reid Cycles Roobaix team has all of these qualities by the basket load. This is second of three posts about our Road to the Roobaix. Check out the first one here.

After embarking on our awesome training plan of cafes, bars and cobblestones, the Reid Cycles Roobaix Team next turned their attention to equipment selection.

Just like training, equipment is a critical component in any epic cycling adventure. As we all know, the most important thing is to look the part. That means you need a great jersey. Here's ours:




Not bad, eh? This very limited edition jersey is being produced in small numbers for Reid's Melburn Roobaix team. We'll probably pair it up with some kind of bike shorts. Even if you're just cruising, it's a lot of hours in the saddle, and a little extra padding goes a long way. Mountain bike shoes with an inner chamois and outer shorts are probably the ideal balance. And it's Melbourne, so bring a light rain jacket.

The next thing you'll need is a bike.

With an event like the Melburn Roobaix, you'll see people riding a huge range of different bikes. From carbon-fibre dual-suspension wonderbikes to unicycles to cargo bikes to hard rubbish department store bicycle shaped objects, the day is really not about the bike. However, if you're looking to invest in a new ride for the day and you're new to riding over cobbles, look for fat tyres and a comfortable riding position. If you're looking to make a statement, perhaps a fixie, cruiser or a sweet vintage bike might be the best bet. Our North Melbourne, Collingwood or Windsor store will be able to help out you locals, or you can always browse online. We'd definitely recommend flat pedals (not cleats) on whatever you ride. So you can jump off, grab a coffee, grab a beer, grab lunch, grab another beer, run up stairs with your bike... just generally leaping on and off the bike is made easier if you're not wearing tap dancing shoes. Furthermore, you don't need the extra speed, power and efficiency. For that matter, you probably don't need a carbon-fibre dual-suspension wonderbike, but don't tell those guys that; they're proud of their uber mountain cruise beasts. Maybe just see if you can edge past them on the cobbles...

Coming in Part Three

Race Day Report...