Shayna's Training Diary - 50km Around the Bay

When you're new to cycling, signing up for an event with a shorter distance like 50km, is a great way to kick-start your training and motivate you to get on the bike.


Our sponsored rider Shyana is excited to be taking on the Around the Bay Challenge on her WSD Osprey. You can keep up with her training progress and all her updates here.

Week 1 - 1st August to 7th August


Went for my first ride on the Sunday before week 1 started as it was a nice day, took a while to get use to the different handle placement, brakes etc. Was my furthest ride so far, was a lot easier then I thought, especially since it was so busy, rode with my partner so might have been a bit of competitiveness coming out. Had the afternoon off work on Tuesday, so made the most of the clear weather and went for a ride along the beach down to Hampton, first time riding down this way, was quite enjoyable as there was more variation in the pathway.


Saturday morning I had my bootcamp down at Elwood beach, so decided to ride down, and then go for a ride along the beach after, my legs were quite sore from the workout and from the day before so my ride ended up being more of a leisurely pace, but better than nothing. I had hoped to get more km’s in this week but had been quite busy with work, and not the best weather. Sunday I didn’t end up going for a ride as my body was quite tired from a long week so had a relaxing day.

Week 2 - 8th August to 14th August


This week has been a busy week, I haven’t been able to get in a ride till today (Sunday 14th) as work has been busy and events have popped up in the evenings. Todays ride was a good one though, managed 19.7km in an hour, went along the beach tracks as usual but as it was quite busy decided to ride along back along the road as I need to get use to riding on the road. There were a lot of other cyclists out so it pushed me a bit which I think helped get the distance in this time. Was a great day for it!

Week 3 - 15th August to 21st August


This week has been better, my bootcamp has now finished, so I am back at the gym. Tuesday I decided to do RPM class to get some extra kms in, I did around 15km in 40min. Wednesday I had the day off, although I had a busy day planned I managed to get a quick 30 minute ride along the beach in and took some photos. I'm off back to NZ (very) early Saturday morning so not sure if I will get another ride in before then, but will have access to an exercycle back home so will try get on this if I can!


Week 4 - 22nd August to 28th August


This week I haven't been able to get out for a ride yet, as I was in NZ until Wednesday night, Thursday was a busy day catching up with work (and sleep!) I am looking forward to Saturday's organised ride with the Bicycle Network. I plan to ride with the team to Black Rock and then make my own way back as I don’t think I’m quite ready to do the full distance yet and don’t know if I will have the time before I am due to go out.


Saturday morning’s ride went very well, turned around when the team stopped at Black Rock, definitely felt like I could have gone further, although once I was on my return journey realised I was a little tired as this was against the wind and a little harder. Was good to ride with a group and keep up at a good pace. Hopefully there will be more rides like this before ATB!

Week 5 - 29th August to 5th September


Tuesday Morning was RPM Class to get in some extra km’s, I only had half an hour to spend at the gym so got in about 12km. I have still been a bit busy to get in any other rides during the week.


Sunday morning went for a nice ride along Beach Road down to Sandringham, then stopped in Elwood for a well deserved breakfast with my partner on the way back. The ride ended up being a nice 20km. I've noticed my pace starting to pick up a long now, especially with other riders on the road (although they overtake me) it gives me motivation to keep my speed up.


Week 6 - 6th September to 12th September


On Tuesday morning I went for a quick ride before work, was hoping to get in about 30 minutes but did a bit of a circuit around the area and ended up being only just over 20 minutes, will definitely check the clock before heading back next time. I think from now I should be able to get in 1 or two rides weekday mornings as it is getting quite light, which is perfect as it means I can sleep in a little longer then if I was to go to the gym :) always a bonus! For the next few weeks I am aiming to get in some bigger distances on my weekend rides, will see how it goes!