Sundays and Vintage Bikes

11 February, 2020

Sundays are for unwinding, for getting out and about with friends or for plain old sleeping in. But what do fashion bloggers do on Sundays? Ride vintage bikes of course! No Sunday routine is complete without a stylish vintage accessory.

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Stylish Sunday Routine


Fashion blogger, Ashleigh D'Mello, shows us why the newest two-wheeled addition to her Sunday routine is her absolute favourite. The Vintage Bella is a gorgeous bike that's always ready for a weekend cruise. Trips to the local cafes are now a stylish breeze with her Baby Blue Vintage Bike.


It's even motivated her to get off the couch and do something active! Who could resist the vintage charm of the gorgeous Bella? With a stunning satin finish and sleek step-through frame, the Vintage Bella is the perfect temptation for getting active in style.


Getting Around Town


Ashleigh, who used to get around New York on her retro cruiser, was devastated to be leaving it behind when she moved back to Australia. While she lost her beloved bike, she never lost a love of easy riding on the weekend. Now with her Vintage Bella, she says her life is complete again. It's everything you look for in a vintage bike - stylish, a smooth ride and as cute as a button!


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Vintage bikes are perfect for cruising around on the weekends and a great way to get out and be active.

Get out and about on the Vintage Bella here

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