Vintage Bikes in the Vineyards

11 February, 2020

Comfort, style and reliability - three things you look for in a new bike and three words that We Are Explorers use to describe our Men's and Ladies Vintage Bikes in their review.

Vintage Bike Review We Are Explorers

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Our Vintage Bikes are a common sight on the city streets, but how do they stand up to the great outdoors?

We Are Explorers took a trip to the Hunter Valley to find out. Exploring boutique wineries and winding their way through the vineyards, the crew tested the bikes on all sorts of surfaces - sealed tarmac, grassy side roads and sandy trails. They describe our vintage bikes as destined to be ridden through vineyards.



Vintage Bike Review We Are Explorers

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Vintage Bike Review We Are Explorers

Boutique wineries and retro style rides - you can't go wrong.

The crew especially enjoyed the upright position the vintage bike style affords. They were able to enjoy the rolling views of country life while sitting in a comfortable ergonomic position.
The baskets especially came in handy to carry much needed water and snacks - it was a hot day!

Vintage Bike Review We Are Explorers

So why not take a vintage bike on your next weekend getaway? Not just for city-slickers, our vintage bikes are perfect for country cruising.

Vintage Bike Review We Are Explorers

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You can check out the full review over at We Are Explorers.