Basil Bike Parts & Accessories

Add some storage space atop your bike with an awesome bike basket. Proudly brought to you all the way from the Netherlands, Basil finds the perfect balance between style and substance with their bike basket products.


From the style perspective, Basil’s product designers keep their eye on all the latest European trends, in terms of colour and design. It’s no surprise they’re gaining worldwide recognition for their cycle chic bike baskets, from their legion of fans.


In terms of substance, Basil places a high emphasis on functionality, attempting to maximise storage space so you can fit all your groceries, flowers, pets etc. while also adhering to strict safety standards. Basil is committed to using the highest quality materials and inspired subtle details.


Among the array of Reid Cycles’ brands and accessories, we stock a wide selection of Basil’s bike baskets. Make sure you check out our full range of baskets either online or in store, and become a basket case like us.

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