Birzman Bike Accessories

Birzman is a leading provider of popular bike accessories. Through tireless research and innovation they produce tools that are durable and efficient to give you the best possible platform to ride. Their motto is to make maintenance easy and find you the right tool for the job.


Birzman is passionate about bikes and riders, which is why they’ve developed a diverse portfolio of accessories, such as water bottle cages, phone cases, wrenches, tyre levers and chain checkers.


Using premium materials, such as high polymer engineered plastic for their bottle cages or their unique, cosmetically designed tyre lever, Reid Cycles is proud to stock loads of Birzman’s streamlined, signature accessories.


To shop Birzman and all our other brands, check out the website or pop in to your nearest Reid Cycles’ store, where our friendly staff can assist you with all your biking needs.

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