Monkeysee Cycling Clothing

Monkeysee set out with a simple task: to turn daggy flouro vests and hi-vis wear into cycling gear that was good to look at and comfortable to wear. They succeeded.


One innovative piece of clothing they invented was the Monkeysee hi-vis clothing harness, which increases your visibility and fits easily over your clothes without adding layers or unnecessary bulk. This harness comes in a range of colours so you can match or clash at will.


Reid Cycles also carries Monkeysee hi-vis wristbands and backpacks, designed for your safety, that’ll have you lighting up the night sky without sacrificing quality or style. The backpack features a strong reflective trim for extra safety and waterproof materials to keep your belongings dry and secure.


One study indicated that flouro clothing could decrease your likelihood of a crash by up to 77% so whether you’re commuting, racing or training, Monkeysee gear will have you looking and feeling sharp and safe!


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