Sigma Bike Computers

At Reid Cycles, we get a lot of serious bike enthusiasts and aficionados, many of whom love their gadgets and the latest in bike technology.


If you’re looking for any easy way to track your bike training progress, calculate your distance or keep an eye on the time, we recommend Sigma and their nifty little bike computers.


Sigma computers measure all your progress, so you’ll have up-to-the-minute stats on your performance. This is a great way to improve your bike riding ability:

  • Current Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Trip Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Trip Riding Time
  • Total Riding Time
  • Clock
  • Automatic start/stop

Easy to attach to any bike, Sigma bike computers are rugged and waterproof so you can be sure it’ll last in severe weather or harsh conditions. And the slim LCD displays are easy to read and can be fitted to flat bars or drop road bars without the need for intricate tools and such.


So get ready for a whole new level of analysis and performance tracking with Sigma. Or check out some of the other brands and accessories that Reid cycles carries.

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