How does Australia get to work everyday? Do you drive? Catch the train or bus? Or, like so many Australian’s are starting to embrace, are you riding your bike to work? In partnership with Bicycle Network, we surveyed 4,500 people living and working around the country to find out which means of transport is the cheapest, fastest and most satisfying way to get to work.

To give further insight into the experiment, we closely followed five Australian commuters from five major capital cities Over three weeks, they commuted to work by car, public transport and bike and recorded their experience. You can meet these five commuters and find out more about their personal insights below.

So what is the best way to get to work - car, public transport or bike? Read on to find out.


Our five commuters are from five major capital cities all around Australian. We gave them an Urban X2 bike, commuter kit and Bicycle Network Membership and over three weeks they commuted to work via different modes of transport. They spent one week driving their car, a week catching public transport and a week riding their bike. After each commute they recorded their cost, times and overall experience. Find out more about their individual experiences below.

Name: Heidi
City: Perth, Western Australia
Commute Distance: 14km

Heidi is a podiatrist from Perth who encourages and helps people to lead a happy, healthy lifestyle. She decided to take part in the experiment to lead by example and help make cycling a more accessible commuting option for all Australians. Before the experiment she had attempted to ride to work once or twice.

“I admit to feeling apprehensive prior to this experiment, but I was surprised about the joy I experienced whilst commuting to and from work by bike. I felt very unhealthy on the bus, staring at my phone and missed the fresh air and exercise when driving my car.”



Time (one-way) 28 minutes 42 minutes 30 minutes
Yearly Cost $3,379 $1,440 $72
Satisfaction Rating 5/10 7/10 10/10


Name: Pete
City: Melbourne, Victoria
Commute Distance: 18km

Pete is an avid cyclist and jumped at the chance to show just how great cycling to work is. At first he was excited to try different means of commuting but quickly realised how catching the tram and driving the car made him miserable at work. Once he was back on the bike he noticed a significant improvement in his overall well-being.

“I found the driving and public transport so miserable that I felt my well-being was being affected. I was cranky, irritable and had a hard time concentrating on tasks that were normally fine. My general state of happiness greatly increased when I got back on the bike.”



Time (one-way) 44 minutes 48 minutes 28 minutes
Yearly Cost $5,520 $2,040 $72
Satisfaction Rating 3/10 4/10 8/10


Name: Rob
City: Sydney, New South Wales
Commute Distance: 15km

Rob leads a pretty active lifestyle but thought he was going to enjoy relaxing on the train and in the car on his commute. He soon realised how frustrating catching the train can be and how expensive driving the car was. Public transport was the longest commute for Rob, and he found himself missing active commuting.

“I feel better every time I finish a ride - I even get to work faster than if I take public transport or drive a car and don't have to pay anything in petrol or parking! It was nice to relax in the car but I found myself frustrated more often than not stuck in traffic.”



Time (one-way) 32 minutes 44 minutes 30 minutes
Yearly Cost $5,040 $1,612 $72
Satisfaction Rating 7/10 6/10 9/10


Name: Peta
City: Brisbane, Queensland
Commute Distance: 10km

Peta is a mother and nurse from Brisbane who was hoping to find more time to spend with her family and fit exercise into her busy lifestyle. She found driving to be pleasant but the most expensive and public transport was extremely slow and frustrating. Riding to work ended up being the cheapest and most rewarding means of transport.

“Commuting by bike has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I have been able to ride along some great protected bike paths, incorporate regular exercise into my day, feel more energetic and happy, and have more time to spend with my family.”



Time (one-way) 26 minutes 40 minutes 29 minutes
Yearly Cost $3,096 $1,838 $720
Satisfaction Rating 7/10 5/10 9/10


Name: Peter
City: Adelaide, South Australia
Commute Distance: 14km

Peter has been commuting by bike for quite some time and was looking forward to advocating for safer bike routes. He strongly disliked hitting red lights and sitting in traffic in the car, and arrived at work feeling overwhelmingly stressed after driving and catching public transport. He was also shocked at the cost of both driving and public transport. Peter much preferred to be out in the fresh air commuting by bike.

“I couldn’t believe it - the cost of public transport is equal to a return flight to Europe each year! I arrived at work feeling pretty miserable having to deal with the frustration of traffic or cancelled buses. I feel healthier and much more energetic on my bike.”



Time (one-way) 41 minutes 36 minutes 18 minutes
Yearly Cost $2,400 $1,800 $72
Satisfaction Rating 3/10 7/10 10/10



We guess by now you're probably feeling pretty inspired to start riding to work, right? Well it's really easy to get started. First you'll need a bike so check out our Commuter Bike Buying Guide below. Next check out some great articles on making commuting by bike easy and our top 5 tips for riding to work. We also recommend checking out our Cycling Essentials Checklist to ensure you have all the things you need for a safe ride to work.