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The Mongol Rally is a transcontinental epic adventure that’s all about getting lost and finding extraordinary experiences. 3 boys, a 1.2L car and 18 countries - all in search of kindness along the Silk Road. It’s the adventure of a lifetime and Reid Cycles is excited to be supporting The Roam Project and Cool Earth.


The Roam Project consists of three guys from Melbourne - a chef, a drone pilot and a filmmaker. They aim to adventure through the 16,000kms of The Mongol Rally in search of kindness and community. They’ll be capturing every incredible moment they encounter and producing a documentary of their experience.

Meet Sandy. Already worldly and well-travelled Chef Sandy started a critically acclaimed Mexican restaurant in Copenhagen called Adelitas. He brings the food to life on the Rally and is hoping to bring communities together by cooking local cuisine at family dinner tables around the globe.

Meet Kaster. American-Brazilian filmmaker, Kastor, currently resides in Berlin which will be the boys’ meeting point. He’s worked all around the world on variety of film projects, most recently co-founded a street film production house in Melbourne.

Meet Mark. Flying drones for over a year, he fancies himself quite the Drone Pilot and is most excited about getting some shots over volcano on the trip. He’s the lead designer at an independent digital agency and is a skilled photographer.

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Mongol Rally The Roam Project
The Mongol Rally Un-Route


The Mongol Rally is 10,000 miles (16,000kms) of mountains, desert and every kind of treacherous terrain all to be completed in the most farcically small vehicle you can source. There’s no plan, no support and no set-route. But it’s all in the name of charity as teams must raise at least $1900 for Cool Earth to qualify for entry.

Teams start in the UK and must make their way to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia through to the finish line in Ulan Ude, Russia in just shy of 9 weeks. The Mongol Rally is all about creating your own adventure, getting completely lost and finding the most amazing things the world has to offer. It’s a transcontinental journey not for the faint hearted - anything that could go wrong, will go wrong and you better be completely unprepared for it.

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It’s not just about one big crazy adventure across the world, it’s about saving the world. Cool Earth puts people back in control of their land. As an environmental charity, they work with indigenous groups and provide them with the resources they need to keep their forests thriving. To date they’ve saved over 600,000 acres of forest all across the globe.

The Mongol Rally is one of the biggest supporters of Cool Earth. In 11 Rallies, they’ve raised over £5.5 million (that’s over AUD$10.8 million) for charity.

The earth depends on rainforests - they’re home to over 350 million people, 6 million plant and animal species and are responsible for 20% of the entire Earth’s oxygen. Reid Cycles is proud to be supporting The Roam Project and Cool Earth to ensure the future of our rainforests.

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To aid some off-road adventure, Reid Cycles has supplied the boys with a Reid SSCX. This singlespeed cyclocross bike is as at home on city streets as will be in the Mongolian desert. The boys will be able to tackle any terrain they encounter and their search for kindness won’t be restricted to the four wheels of their tiny car.

On two wheels they’ll be able to traverse the path less traveled, delve deeper into local communities, escape the un-route and get even more lost in the wonders of the Northern Hemisphere. But most importantly we’re pretty sure the SSCX will come in handy when they inevitably break down - trust us boys, that’s when you’ll be thanking us.

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