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Our mission is to provide Australia’s best value bikes and ensure our customers receive EPIC customer service. We’re really proud of the progress we have made and want to be as transparent as possible with you about it. To do this in a meaningful way, we have partnered with a leading independent customer review platform, Trustpilot.

Trustpilot asks Reid Cycles’ customers about their shopping experiences and prompts honest reviews. These reviews, good or bad, get published online for everyone to see. We don't have the option to hide anything - these reviews truly reflect who we are in the eyes of our customers.

Does our customer service stand out? Do we deliver on our promises? We think so, but don't take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about us…

Marek Rygielski – 11/02/2020

“Excellent service in store with Charlie. I came in looking for a mountain bike or hybrid and I was able to test out 3 bikes before settling on the X-Trail 27.5 . The bike came at an excellent discount and I paid an extra $60 for a 4 year service plan which is also great value. They set up the bike and pannier in less than 30 minutes and I was able to ride home. Reid is known nationally as being the best bang for buck bike manufacturer and it's always good to support a local business that makes the bikes that they sell. I had all my questions and queries answered and received a discount voucher with my purchase as well as a free lock and bike lights. If you are looking to buy a bike be it for commuting, road travel, mountain biking, beach riding or anything else I recommend you check it out in store or on their website. I will definitely back for accessories or if I need another bike.

- Update: Have had first service and been in a few times for accessories, after sales service has also been fantastic. I bought the bronze level just to make sure my bike is being looked after.”

Charile Darcey – 15/01/2020

“Had an awesome experience at Reid Cycles Balcatta. The team was very helpful in assisting me with getting my new bike, and their customer service was great! So happy with my new wheels - only been on a few rides so far but it is such a smooth ride and I have already gotten a few compliments on the colour! I don't generally write reviews but was so happy that I thought I should share. Will definitely recommend your bikes and store to family and friends. Thanks Reid Cycles!”

Amy Tidbold – 03/01/2020

“A big shout out and thank you to Charlie who served me in the Woollongabba store today!!! He provided me with outstanding service, very knowledgable and went above and beyond to ensure that I purchased a bike that was comfortable for me and suited my needs. He was also great in helping me fit the bike into my Mum's corolla to take home, coming out in the 40 degree heat to remove the front wheel. I am really looking forward to taking my Reid Vintage Lite for its first run this afternoon.”

Dale Bobermien – 29/12/2019

“Bought my first bike in a Looooong time from Reid Cycles in Brisbane on Boxing Day. The team were extremely helpful and didn’t have pushy sales tactics like other bike shops. I had an issue with the chain a few days later so I popped back in and they dropped everything and fixed it for me on the spot. Can’t recommend the guys and Reid enough.”

Nesianess – Pretty with a little venom – 11/09/2019

“I got the mint coloured bike with two panniers and two baskets (front and rear) I got a few extra things to take advantage of the discount off all accessories, and it came with some freebies too! It was the first time I owned a bike in 25yrs and it was a good transition to bike riding. It's perfect for bike runs, smooth gear changing and it's so pretty. I was taken care of by a lovely guy in the Newtown store, his voice really reminded me of Thor.”

Craig Timms – 08/09/2019

“Awesome bikes. Staff are incredibly friendly & helpful and have amazing knowledge about all products. It's not just about the sale, it's about what suits each unique customer. The after sale service is also solid. I have purchased Reid bikes for all of my family and so have many of my family friends and associates. Buy with complete confidence. I research most things on the internet before a make a purchase. It is hard to go past Reid Cycles for value for money and service. Thanks for continuing to exceed my expectations. A special thanks to all 3 Chris's.”

Missy J – Awesome Bike – 11/02/2019

“This is a fantastic bike. For the price it is seriously durable. I have ridden this every day and it has never missed a beat. I was even hit by a car (he literally drove into me) and the steel frame didn’t budge! Super comfortable, the only this is it is heavy so in head winds you feel it. But I see it as a workout (my legs are super toned!). Love it so much I’m getting another one.”

Raven - Light, Sturdy, Durable and Affordable - 16/09/2019

"I never really write website reviews because I think it's a waste of time, but honestly - after riding this bike (Flatbar Rapid) for about 3 days and since the first time I test rode it at the CBD Store. I don't regret my investment. I ride about 5-10kms everyday to and fro work, it's a really light bike with very durable gears. Uphill and downhill, it's really fun.

I'm new to the bike world especially using it for commuting the streets of Melbourne, but it's doing me a solid right now. The only downside to it, if anything, are the tyres since they're really skinny - more prone to punctures. It also gets real bumpy if you're in places with a lot of patchy road bumps so it's not a super comfortable ride. It gets the job done and it gets it right for the price you pay. Would rate it a 8.5/10 :) I also love that it's super lightweight.

Brian - Great bike, awesome guys in the store - 29/12/2019

"Yesterday my wife bought a Vintage Ladies Lite and I was quite jealous of the cruisy style, so today I went and bought a Vintage Roadster. I wanted the upright riding position of the ladies bikes so the guys in the Woolloongabba (Brisbane) store changed the neck for a taller one. I also added a metal basket. The guys were super helpful and totally embraced my desire for a bike for Lycra-less cafe cruising, despite their obvious ‘real cyclist’ cred. I rode into the city, along the river, and back today, and I’m very satisfied with my new bike. A real beauty for the price."

Don - Excellent bike, value, customer support, Quick & Fun on the pedals! - 11/01/2019

"Excellent bike and I have been happy riding it 20km a day, Summer Hill to Syd airport. I bought my cx from the Reid store in Newtown. I had an issue with rear wheel set, spokes would loosen off and snap, I had to return bike for service and replacement of rear spokes. (I got X2 free services with purchase). Second time a few more spokes broke and loosened up, I had messaged online support and they acknowledged it was an issue. I didn't ride for a month due to unrelated foot injury (stitches), then i noticed the spokes. It took a month but they ordered me a wider rear rim and all new spokes. I dropped the bike off and within a few days picked it up. Great Newtown team, manager is a top bloke. I Havnt had any other issues with bike, other than the chain not going down into some gears but it just is one of those things. Very fun bike to ride and picks up speed quickly in traffic ! And it turns heads."