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Acentia Saddle Pax Aura

Acentia Saddle Pax Aura

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Ride into comfort with the Acentia Saddle Pax Aura. This bike saddle incorporates an even wider rear zone with elastomers that offer further suspension between the saddle and its rail.

Like all other "Aura" models, Pax Aura adds a centre cut-out for added relief to surrounding soft tissues. Silicon gel pads provide more comfort & support for the sit bones. Other features include an elastomer spring for shock absorbing and injection molded one piece construction.

Key Features

  • Silicon gel pads for added comfort
  • Elastomer spring for shock absorbing
  • Injection molded one piece construction for added durability
  • In-mold forming with gel insert resin bumper & nose cover
  • Sit-Bone Width: 70 - 190mm
  • Rail: Steel
  • Weight: 785 grams
  • Size: L280 x W210mm