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Rapid Flatbar

Rapid Flatbar

Product Review (submitted on 10 April 2014):
I've been pushing my mate to get a bike for some time now. Ever since my second hand purchase of a Reid Condor (got it for 150), Reid has always since been a great alternative from the big brand names.

So my mate and I walk in to the Reid Brisbane store 10 minutes before closing looking to pick up x226 MTB. We were allowed to test 3 bikes and got the wheels changed on the bike he choose and picked all the he wanted and all within minutes shortly after close. (7pm was closing time)

Servers we great, considering we walked in last minute.

The X226 MTB ($270) quality was in fact just as good as my name branded Merida Matts 20 ($600) MTB, the only real difference is your paying twice the price for disc brakes. Great price for was you get for a MTB.

I’ve been riding on my Reid Condor drop bar rode bike for about 3 months now, rides from Brisbane to Sunnybank (about 6 times of a distance about 17kms)for a cheap bike it’s doing better than I expected. Even rides MT Cott-tha, wasn’t easy but again the cheap bike made it. Looking forwarded to upgrading my Rode bike to a Ospray elite or Falco Advanced. Highly recommend.