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Reid Vintage Roadster

Reid Vintage Roadster

Product Review (submitted on 6 September 2016):
I purchased this on sale about 6 months ago. For something so cheap I was not expecting much, I have a very nice carbon road bike and a couple of other big name bikes, so I was not expecting much from something that cost 1/40th of my road bike.

I ride a few kms to work every day and needed something a little more practice as I prefer to ride into work in my suit. The mudguards and chain guards made this one a deal.

I added on the front and rear baskets, this thing weighs a ton however is comfortable with a good riding position and is rock solid. I was not expecting the wheels to hold up so well over winter or the chrome not to rust. However both have been fine.

It comes with 12 months of servicing but it is so basic that there is nothing you can do at home really, there have been no issues with the gears bar a minor adjustment after the first few hundred kms. Give every thing a good tighten and grease now and again.

Two minor issues, grips they are cheap and nasty I would suggest they will perish soon. The stock brake pads are rubbish pull those out immediate and replace with a half decent set that work.

This has become a regular rider being around 80-100 km a weeks as it is great for shopping, coffee runs and going out on family rides. I would say after 6 months there is no reason this would last a long time if looked after.