Our 30-Day Test Ride policy is for online customers only. Customers who purchase Click & Collect or visit our store in Melbourne already have the opportunity to be fitted for and test ride any of our bikes, electric bikes or scooters and buy with confidence.

30-Day Test Ride For Online Customers

Customers shopping online and getting a bike delivered to their home don’t have the opportunity to test the bike first, so we offer a 30-Day Test Ride At Home policy.

This means you can have your bike delivered, then check the size and style to ensure the bike is right for you. If you love it, keep riding! If you decide against it, we can exchange or refund your purchase.

For us to be able to offer such a generous returns policy though, we need you to abide by our terms and conditions to ensure there is no damage to a returned bike. Please pay careful attention to the points below if you wish to return/exchange your bike for change of mind within 30 days and avoid any repair/restocking fees.

Key Points BEFORE Test Riding At Home

1. Keep ALL your original packaging materials.

Don’t just tear into the box and damage packaging materials if there is a chance you may return for a change of mind. Failure to preserve the original packing materials may result in damage on return transit (which we need to then cover with a fee).

As you unpack your new bike, keep ALL the packaging material aside until you decide to keep the bike. This includes everything from protective wrapping to the plastic caps that cover the axles and fork dropouts.

When you received the bike, there would have been two yellow straps around the box to strengthen it and stop the bottom flap opening in transit. We understand that you will have to cut these to open the box. When repacking the bike to return it, please ensure you tape up the bottom of the box sufficiently to survive the trip.

2. This test ride is just to check for sizing - so only ride on a clean surface.

Any test riding should be done on clean surfaces like a garage floor or your driveway. If the tyres are dirty and scuffed, we will charge for this as we will need to then discount the bike to re-sell it. This charge will be determined by our Support team and will be deducted from your refund.

Be careful about the surface you test ride on though and everything will be fine.

3. Carefully assemble the bike by following our video guides.

Incorrect assembly can result in damage that we will need to charge for. This is especially important when inserting the pedals (you need to put the correct pedal in the correct crank arm - see video guide here), or failing to check/adjust gears before riding (see video guide for front derailleur and rear derailleur). You will not need to worry about these steps if you do not ride the bike.

If the bike was damaged when you got it, it is your responsibility to document this so we can assess. Couriers can sometimes damage bikes in transit, so if the box looks damaged when you got it or the bike had damage when you opened it - we need you to take photos and document this damage. We can then get to the bottom of how it happened and you will not be charged for damage caused by couriers.

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Full Terms & Conditions

  1. Our 30 Day Test Ride offer is available on all bikes and scooters purchased online for delivery from Reid Cycles (including electric models).

  2. This period commences from the day your product is delivered, and you must then inform us by email of your intention to return within 30 days of this date.

  3. Please inform our Customer Support team immediately if your bike was damaged on arrival. You can do this by emailing support@reidcycles.com.au

  4. You are free to unpack and assemble the bike for sizing and inspection, and then carefully test-ride on a sealed surface like clean concrete or carpet for a short distance. You may be charged cleaning or repair fees for bikes that have been ridden off-road or if there is evidence of wear and tear from use.

  5. Bikes that are not returned in “as new” condition will attract repair fees at our discretion or be refused a refund.

  6. Damage caused from improper use, abuse of the policy or incorrect assembly will be repaired and charged for at full retail rates. You will be advised of these charges before a refund is issued.

  7. If you choose to proceed with a return, we will organise a courier for you to collect the bike. This will be charged at the same subsidised shipping cost you initially paid to receive the bike (and will be taken from your refund amount). We will liaise with you to organise an appropriate pick up day.

    Should you miss this agreed collection, an additional $25 futile pickup fee will be charged.

  8. We will only accept the return if the bike is carefully packaged in the same original packaging used to deliver the bike to you. This includes the protective padding and cardboard around the frame, wheels and components. If the bike incurs damage during return transit due to inadequate packaging by the customer, Reid Cycles reserves the right to charge the cost of replacement of the damaged part or component.

    Please refer to this help article on how to safely re-pack a bike for transit.

  9. This offer is only available to online customers who have their bike delivered to their address. We do not offer 30-Day returns on bikes purchased from our stores as customers have the chance to test ride and be correctly fitted at the store.

  10. Please remember to deflate the tyres before boxing the bike for return. Inflated tyres can burst if the bike is being shipped by air.

  11. Refunds will be authorised once our mechanic has thoroughly inspected the returned bike. Please be aware this process can take up to 5 business days once the bike is received at our warehouse. You will then be notified of any charges and the amount to be refunded. Please allow processing time for the funds to appear back into your account.

  12. The refund paid to you will be for the bike only and will not include any shipping costs incurred during your original transaction.

  13. We will accept the return of a built bike if you take it to one of our stores. The requirement for the bike to be in “as new” condition remains. You will only be issued a refund once we have fully inspected the bike and this may take 24 hours.

I want to return the bike. What should I do next?

1. Contact Support and notify us of your intention to return/exchange.

Email support@reidcycles.com.au and our team will help you through the process. You will need to notify us of this intention within 30 days of when you originally received the bike.

2. Take photos of any damage.

Include these in your communications with Support.

3. Re-pack the bike using all the original materials.

Refer to this help article with steps on how to re-pack a bike for safe transit (you will need your own zip ties to complete this process).

It is really important the fork dropout protectors as well as the axle end cap protectors are refitted prior to putting the bike back in the box. Failure to do this may result in damage when you send the bike back to us.

Contact Support if you need help doing any of this. It is in everyone’s interest to avoid costly damage in transit.

4. Take photos of the protected bike BEFORE and AFTER putting it in the box.

We want to see 3 photos - 1) the wrapped and protected bike before it goes in the box, 2) the bike in the box with the flap open so we can see how it has been packed, and 3) the closed box so we know it was sufficiently sealed for transit.

You will be required to forward these before we book a return for you. If a bike is damaged on return transit, we can then be confident it was due to poor handling by the courier and not charge you repair fees.

Please include all materials like Owner’s Manuals etc that came with the bike.

5. Confirm with Support that your bike is ready for collection.

We can then book the courier for you. Collections occur on weekdays between 9.00-3.30pm. You will need to be present during this time to facilitate the collection. Failed collections will incur a $25 fee (on each occasion).

Let us know if you want an exchange or refund. Return shipping to get the bike back to us is equal to the original shipping cost (if collected from the same address you had the bike originally delivered to) and will be deducted from your refund. If you want an exchange, you will still need to pay return shipping and shipping of the replacement bike.

When should I expect my refund?

We will let you know as soon as we receive the bike. It may then take up to 5 business days to be inspected by our mechanics and approved for refund.

This process will determine any damage due to rough handling by the courier, or damage due to poor packaging by the customer (that then needs to be charged for). Our experience in this area and the images you provided prior to us booking the courier for return will be used in this assessment.

Our Support team will then contact you with details of the return and the refund amount you are due. Once agreed, this amount will be transferred to the method of payment you used for the initial purchase.


The bike was damaged when I received it. What should I do?

Please take photos of the damage to the bike and/or packaging and contact our Customer Support team immediately. We will assess the damage and provide guidance on next steps.

Do I get a refund for the shipping cost?

The refund you receive will be for the bike only - minus any charges for damage. In many cases we have already paid to subsidise shipping costs so will not refund this amount.

How do I return accessories?

Our normal returns policy applies to unused accessories and you can return these in “as new” condition with original packaging and tags. Click here for full details of our Returns Policy. Please note - we cannot accept returns on helmets as we must guarantee their safety.

How will the bike be collected from me?

You will need to contact Customer Support to register your return. We will then agree with you on a suitable collection date for a courier to visit your address and collect the packaged bike for return. Please read the full details above.

You will need to be at the collection address in person. A futile pick-up fee will be charged if you miss this agreed collection.

When will I receive the refund in my account?

Refunds will be authorised within 5 business days after we receive the bike at our warehouse. This will give our mechanic time to inspect the bike. If you return the bike to one of our stores, this will be done within 24 hours unless the return needs to be escalated to our Support team. Should the bike fail inspection, you will be contacted about the break of policy and any fees. Please allow processing time for the funds to appear back into your account.

I’ve had the bike longer than 30 days and I’ve discovered a manufacturing fault - what should I do?

This situation would be covered under the terms of your Warranty. Contact Support and we will help you with this.

I’ve already thrown out the packaging but want to return the bike. What should I do?

Please contact our Customer Support team to discuss options.