When a particular bike is out of stock and we are expecting delivery soon, you will see the option to 'Pre-Order' that bike. Some of our bikes and eBikes are in particularly high demand, so pre-ordering will mean you don't miss out on your preferred size and colour.

How do I know a bike is available for pre-order?
Instead of seeing an 'Add to Cart' button on the product page, the button will read as 'Pre-Order'. It will also have text below the button with the estimated day of arrival at our Melbourne warehouse.

Is the estimated warehouse arrival date accurate?
We are relatively confident of the date we will receive bikes once they are on the water from our supplier. After considering all shipment processes and facts to hand, we can then arrive at an estimated date. This is always an estimate though and there may be factors outside of our control which cause subsequent delays - in which case, we will notify you accordingly.

What happens once my bike arrives at the warehouse?
Once it arrives, you will receive notification and our warehouse team prepare your order to send off with our delivery partners. This process generally takes 1-3 working days.

Once your order is dispatched, we follow our shipping policy.

What happens if I order two bikes on pre-order, but both have different warehouse arrival dates?
If your order contains more than one item that was ordered on pre-order, your entire order will be dispatched once all the items have arrived.

For example, if one bike is due to arrive on the 5th of the month and the other on the 20th. This means, your order won't be dispatched until the second bike arrives on the 20th.

What if I change my mind on my pre-order?
In case of a change of mind, the order will be cancelled/refunded and a new order will need to be placed. We are not able to commit to the availability of stock for change of mind.

Have you placed a pre-order and have an inquiry? Please contact us on support@reidcycles.com.au and make sure to include your order number.