A spare tube is a must in every rider's emergency repair kit to ensure that you're never caught out with a flat tyre.

Tubes are one of the most common tyre systems, with their airtight barrier and simplicity to repair or replace in clinchers. At Reid Cycles we stock the highest quality tubes from some of the best brands around the world, including Tioga, X-Tech and Kenda, with a range of tubes to suit all tyre sizes and bicycle types. Check out our full range of tubes today, and if you're planning a long ride, we recommend having at least two spares in your kit with some vital tools to avoid sticky flat tyre situations!

NOBRAND Presta Valve Adaptor Brass Brass / - Brass -  Reid Cycles AU
Tube 26" x AV
NA Tube 24" x 1.9/2.125 AV - / - - -  Reid Cycles AU
Out Of Stock
NA Tube 26" X 3.5/4.0 AV - / - - -  Reid Cycles AU
Out Of Stock
Tube 29" x 1.75/2.125 AV
Tube 700 x 28-32c AV
NA Tube 700 x 35-40 AV - / - - -  Reid Cycles AU
Out Of Stock
BPW Tube 24" x 1 & 3/8 AV - / - - -  Reid Cycles AU
Tube 27 X 1/1.25 AV
SuperB Glueless Patch Kit
NA Tube 700 x 28-32c FV - / - - -  Reid Cycles AU
Tube 700 x 19-23c AV
Out Of Stock
Puncture Kit Bikecorp (20) Nocolour
NA Tube 700 x 20-25 FV 80MM - / - - -  Reid Cycles AU
Out Of Stock
Tube 27" x 1.9/2.125 AV
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