Video Guides

Don’t know your caliper from a quill stem..? Our Assembly & Maintenance Guides are a series of instructional videos that show Reid Cycles owners how to build and care for their bikes.

Reid Cycles have stores in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide where you can collect fully assembled bikes ready to roll. If you have ordered a bike online to be delivered though, it will arrive in a box 85% assembled and require some simple jobs to be done before you can ride it.

This series of videos was made in response to the most common customer questions when assembling a new bike. You may not become a pro... but you’ll get the job done easily and safely so you can get out riding.

Please be aware that damage caused by incorrect assembly (such as installing the pedals the wrong way around) is not covered by your warranty .

Pick and choose which part you need help with and follow the steps in the videos. Our Customer Support is available for any issues you experience

Written Step-By-Step Guides

If you prefer to work off written instructions, you can view guides for the most common tasks below:

Reid Bicycle Owners Manual:

A great guide for getting started on your new bike.

Bicycle Assembly Instructions:

Everything you need to know to assemble your Bike!

Bike Pedal Installation Guide:

Everything you need to know to install your bike pedals.

Front Basket Assembly Guide:

Everything you need to know to get your Front Basket on your Bike!

Rear Basket Assembly Guide:

Everything you need to know to get your Rear Basket on your Bike!

Electric Bicycle Lithium-ion Battery & Charger Guide:

Everything you need to know about charging and storing your Lithium-ion battery for your ebike!